Learn These Words First (8E)

8-17. rule, rules.

[X is a rule.] = X is something that someone says or writes to say what they want people to do and not to do. They can say what people need to do if something happens, and they can say what people are not allowed to do if another thing happens. People expect you to do what X says.

[I made a rule that animals are not allowed inside my building.]

8-18. government, governments.

[X is a government.] = X is the group of people that controls a big place and all the people who live in this place. X does some things that are good for the people in this place. X prevents some things that can hurt the people in this place. X makes rules that say what the people in this place need to do and are not allowed to do. X can do things that are bad for people who do not do what these rules say.

[In some places, people can choose who is part of the government.]

[Many of the government rules prevent people doing bad things.]

8-19. work, works, to work, working, worked.

[You are working.] = You are doing something like this: Someone wants you to do something, and they say they will give you something you want if you do it. They say they want you to make something or cause something to happen. Maybe this is not easy. You say you will do this, and you do the things they want you to do for some time.

[I enjoy making machines, but it can be difficult work.]

8-20. money.

[X is some money.] = X is something that many people have and use like this: People will often give you some X if you do some work that they want you to do. People will often give you something you say you want if you give them some X. Governments make X using metal or paper. Governments do not allow other people to make X.

[If you give me some money, I will give you my two animals.]

Someone promised to give Lisa some money if she makes a hole in the ground.

Lisa __________ because she wants the money.