Learn These Words First (8F)

8-21. leg, legs.

[X is one of your legs.] = X is a long part of your body. People have two of these long body parts. Many kinds of animals have four. You can use these long body parts to move from one place to another, like this: The bottom end of each of these long body parts touches the ground, and you move each many times to touch different parts of the ground. This causes you to move from one place to a different place.

[A thin part of this plant cut one of my legs.]

8-22. help, helps, to help, helping, helped.

[You help J do K.] = You do something. Maybe you do part of K. Because of what you do, J can do K more easily.

[I need someone to help me lift this heavy container.]

8-23. disease, diseases.

[You have a disease.] = Something bad for you is happening inside your body. This can happen because many very small living things are alive inside your body. When this happens, some parts of your body cannot do the things they could do before. Maybe some very small parts of your body are dying. This can make your body feel bad.

[If you touch your mouth after touching a dead animal, it can cause you to have a disease.]

8-24. healthy.

[You are healthy.] = You do not have a disease, and your body feels good. Your body is able to do most things you want and expect it to do.

[This one animal has a disease, but the other two animals look healthy.]

This big animal has four legs. Something hurt one of its legs.

A person put something around this leg __________.