Learn These Words First (8H)

8-29. mean, means, to mean, meaning, meant.

[J means K.] = J is one or more words that someone says or writes. K is what this person wants you to think or think about when you hear or see these words.

[I do not know what this word means.]

[Eating means putting food into your mouth.]

8-30. hundred, hundred of.

[There are one hundred things here.] = You can think about the number of things here like this: There are ten groups of things here, and each group contains ten things.

[One hundred people are inside this big building.]

8-31. learn, learns, to learn, learning, learned, learnt.

[You learned X.] = X is something you did not know or could not do at one time. But then someone said something to you, or you saw and heard and did some things. Because of this, you know X now or you can do X now.

[I learned that my parents had another child before me.]

[I learned to use this machine when I saw other people using it.]

Tony wants to learn more words and what they mean.

Each day, he finds a word he does not know. He writes the word several times, and he writes what the word means.

After doing this a hundred days, __________.