Learn These Words First (9A)

9-01. seed, seeds.

[X is a seed.] = X is a small solid part of a plant. X grows for some time and then becomes not connected to the plant. You can move X to another place far from this plant. After a long time, you can put X below the surface of the ground, and you can put some water on top of the ground here. This can cause another plant that is the same kind of plant to grow here.

[There are many plants growing here now, because I put many seeds into the ground some time before.]

9-02. fruit.

[X is a piece of fruit.] = X is a part of a plant that contains seeds. This part of many kinds of plants and trees becomes big and good for people to eat.

[Most people enjoy eating different kinds of fruit.]

9-03. buy, buys, to buy, buying, bought.

[You buy X.] = Someone has X and says they will give it to you if you give them some money. You give money to this person, and because of this, the person then gives you X.

[I need money to buy some food.]

9-04. black.

[X is black.] = The colour of X is like the colour you see when you are inside a place and there is not light in this place.

[This woman has long black hair.]

If you cut this fruit, __________.