Learn These Words First (9B)

9-05. clothing.

[X is a piece of clothing.] = X is something people make to cover parts of their bodies and prevent them becoming cold. When you use X, part of your body is inside X and this carries X when you move from one place to another.

[This piece of clothing covers my body below my head and above my legs.]

9-06. cloth.

[X is some cloth.] = X is something long and wide and flat and thin that people make. People use X to make clothing. People make all parts of X using long pieces of narrow string, like this: You put a string where it is touching two groups of many strings, above one group and below the other group. Then you put a different part of this string where it is touching the same groups of strings, but below the one group and above the other. You do this very many times to make X. This makes each string connect to the other strings near it, making X become long and wide.

[I used a piece of cloth to make clothing that covers my legs and part of my body above my legs.]

9-07. bread.

[X is some bread.] = X is a kind of food people make like this: People press some kinds of seeds to make them become very small dry pieces. Then people mix these small dry pieces and some liquid and put this inside a hot place. After it is hot for some time, it becomes a solid food that people eat. Many people eat this kind of food each day.

[I cut three pieces of bread and gave them to the children to eat.]

These people are using machines to make something.

They cut pieces of cloth.

Then they connect the pieces __________.