Learn These Words First (9D)

9-12. egg, eggs.

[X is an egg.] = X is something inside the body of a female animal that can grow and become another animal that is the same kind. If the female animal is a bird, X is something round that moves out of her body, and after some time, the inside part of this round thing can become a young bird.

[Many people eat bird eggs.]

9-13. yellow.

[X is yellow.] = The colour of X is like the colour of the centre inside a bird egg a short time after it moves out of the body of a female bird.

[There are seeds inside the yellow parts of this plant.]

9-14. red.

[X is red.] = If you cut part of your body, it can cause much liquid to move out of your body. The colour of X is like the colour of this liquid.

[There are several big animals inside the red building.]

9-15. square, squares.

[X is a square.] = X is a shape. Someone can mark a flat surface to make this shape. This shape has four parts: Each part is a straight mark and each is the same length. Each end of each mark is touching the end of one of the other marks, and the distance between this end and the other two marks is the same as the length of each mark.

[I drew a picture on the surface of a square piece of paper.]

Here are three shapes.

The colour of the circle is black.

One of the shapes has three long straight marks.

The colour of the square is __________.