Learn These Words First (9H)

9-27. foot, feet.

[X is one of your feet.] = X is the bottom end of each of your legs. When people use their legs to move from one place to another, each X moves many times and the bottom of each X touches different parts of the ground.

[I put my foot into the water and it felt cold.]

9-28. play, plays, to play, playing, played.

[You are playing.] = You are not working. You are doing something you want because you enjoy it and not because this is something you need to do.

[The children played for a long time, moving water into and out of containers.]

9-29. game, games.

[You play a game.] = You play for some time like this: There are rules that say what you can and cannot do. The rules tell you to try to do something before another person does it, or more than another person does, or before some time. You do not know if you can do this, but you try doing it for some time because you enjoy this.

[Tony and Lisa played a game, trying to move a round thing into a hole.]

9-30. beautiful.

[X is beautiful.] = Seeing X or hearing X feels good for you.

[I hear beautiful music.]

[I think this woman is beautiful.]

These people are using their feet to move a round thing.

They are trying to make the round thing move through the circle.

They are __________.