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Other resources for learning English

Reading definitions in a learner's dictionary (like Learn These Words First) can help you understand the meanings of new English words. But if you want to remember these words and their meanings later, you need to practise using the words.

Here are some ways you can practise:

What do you do that helps you learn and remember new vocabulary?


Flashcards can help you study and remember words you want to learn.

You can make flashcards using small paper cards: On the front side of each card, write a word or phrase you want to learn. On the back side, write the meaning or translation.

Every day, review your cards: Look at one side of each card and try to remember what is on the other side. Then look at the other side to check your answer.

A computer can also be used to review flashcards:


Duolingo (www.duolingo.com) is a free online language course that can help you learn English (or several other languages).

El Book

El Book (at fluenz.org) is a very basic English self-learning course for Spanish speakers.

Microsoft Translator

You can use Microsoft Translator (www.bing.com/translator) to translate sentences to and from English.

Google Translate

You can use Google Translate (translate.google.com) to translate sentences to and from English.