Learn These Words First (Q-R)

quality =

quantity =

quarrel = Because someone does not want to do the same thing you want them to do, you each become angry and tell the other things that you think will make them do what you want.

quarter =

queen =

question =

quick, quickly = (See 6-13).

quiet =

quite =

rabbit = Kind of small animal that has hair and four legs. It sleeps inside holes in the ground. On top of its head, it has two long parts that it uses to hear.

race =

radio = (See 10-16).

railway = People make a kind of vehicle that moves on top of two very long narrow pieces of metal. A machine inside this vehicle makes it move. It can pull several vehicles behind it, like this: It is connected to one vehicle behind it, and each of these vehicles can be connected to another one behind it. Each of these vehicles has wheels that touch the two very long metal pieces when they move. People put these very long metal pieces in places where they want these vehicles to move.

rain = Liquid water that falls down through the air from far above the ground.

raise =

range =

rank =

rapid = Happening or moving quickly.

rare =

rat = Kind of small animal. You can hold one of them using one hand. This animal has four legs that are not long. Hair grows from most parts of the body of this animal. It has a long narrow part that is connected behind its back where its back legs are connected, and this part does not have hair. Some of these animals live inside buildings where people have food, because these animals want to eat this food. But people do not want them here, because they can give people diseases.

rate =

rather =

raw =

re- = Something happens that is like what happened before.

reach =

react =

reaction =

read =

ready = You can do this now, because there are not other things you need to do before you can do this.

real =

realize =

really =

reason =

reasonable = You use reason to decide to do what is good for you and good for other people.

receive =

recent =

recently = A short time before now.

recognition = When you recognize something.

recognize =

record =

red = (See 9-14).

reduce =

reduction =

refusal = When you refuse to do something.

refuse = You know someone wants you to do something, but you do not do it. You say you very much do not want to do this and you will not do it.

regard =

regular =

relation =

relationship =

relative =

relax =

relaxing = This makes you relax.

religion = What people think is true when they think about one or more gods, who cause things to happen and things to exist and things to be alive. What people think is good or bad to do because of this. What people think happens to the part of you that exists and thinks after you die because of the good and bad things you did when you were alive.

religious = Saying and doing what a religion tells you to do.

remain =

remark =

remember = Think about something you knew or were thinking about before.

remind =

remove =

rent = When you want to use something that belongs to another person, and this person allows you to use it for some time because you give them money to use it. After this time, they will not allow you to use it more, or you will need to give them more money to be allowed to use it more for some time.

repair = After something becomes damaged, you change the damaged parts and cause this thing to be something good you can use, like it was before it became damaged.

repeat =

replace =

reply = You say something to me because of what I said to you.

report =

represent =

representative = Someone that a group chooses to tell other people what this group thinks and wants.

republic = Country where the people choose who is part of the government and who leads the government, and after some time, the people can choose different people to be part of the government and to lead the government.

request = When you tell someone that you want them to give you something or do something that you want.

respect =

respectful = Feeling or showing respect.

responsible =

rest =

restaurant = Business where you can buy and eat food.

restrict =

result = Something that happens or exists because of something that happened before.

return =

reward =

rice = Kind of grain that grows in hot places where water can cover the surface of the ground for some time. Very many people eat this grain each day after they put it into very hot water to make it less hard.

rich =

rid, rid of = Something was here, but then you cause it not to be here because you do not want it here.

ride, rode, ridden =

ring =

ripe = When part of a plant becomes good for someone to eat.

rise, rose, risen =

risk =

river = Very long place where much water moves on the surface of the ground. On each side of this moving water, there is dry ground. Water moves from one end of this place down to the other end far from where it started.

road = Long hard part of the ground or other hard surface that people, animals and vehicles often use when they move from one place to another. People often move far on this long narrow surface. People often make the surface more hard and easy to use.

rob = Someone has something you want and does not want to give it to you. You decide to do something bad: You move this thing to a place where you can use it, but where they cannot use it after this. They do not stop you because they think you will hurt them if they try to stop you. The government rules do not allow you to do this.

rock =

rod = Something long and straight that is hard and narrow.

roll =

romantic =

roof = The top part of a building that covers all the other parts of the building below it.

room =

root =

rope = People twist several strings to make this long narrow thing that is more difficult to damage than one string.

rose =

rough =

round =

row =

royal = Inside a country where one family controls the government, these are the things that this family does or has or uses.

rub = (See 10-03).

rubber = Something people make using a liquid from inside a kind of tree. People make this liquid hot to make it become solid. People can pull this solid to make it change shape, but when they stop pulling, it becomes the same shape it was before. People use this solid to make many kinds of things, like things to cover your feet, or things to cover the parts of a wheel that touch the ground.

rude =

ruin =

rule =

ruler =

run, ran =

rush =