Learn These Words First (E)

each = (See 3-14).

eager = You want to do something very much.

ear = (See 12-25).

early =

earn =

earth =

east = Towards the place you can look at to see the sun each day, a short time after the time each day when you cannot see the sun.

eastern = In a place towards the east.

easy, easily = (See 3-30).

eat, ate, eaten = (See 4-29).

economic = Thinking about many people who buy things, who make things that other people buy, and who do work that someone gives them money to do.

edge =

educate = Help someone learn something important.

educated = Knowing many things that you learned for some time.

education = The things that someone does to help people learn something.

effect = What happens or what is true or what you feel because of some other thing that happens.

effective = This causes what you wanted to happen.

effort =

egg = (See 9-12).

eight = (See 8-10).

eighth =

either =

elastic = Something solid that can change shape when you pull parts of it. When you pull one end of it towards one side and the other end towards the other side, this thing becomes more long. But when you stop holding and pulling the ends, this thing becomes the same shape and the same length as it was before.

elbow = There are three very long bones inside each of your arms, and this is where all three of these bones are connected.

elect =

election = When people elect someone to be part of the government or to lead a group.

electric = This thing uses electricity.

electricity = (See 9-16).

electronic = This thing uses electricity. People make it using many very small parts. These small parts each control electricity that moves through them.

elephant = Very big animal that has four legs and does not eat other animals. This animal has a very long nose. This animal can breathe through its nose and can use it to hold and carry things.

else =

embarrass = Some people saw or heard you do something that you did not want them to know about. Now you feel bad when you think this: Maybe these people think something bad about you because of what they saw or heard you do.

embarrassing = These things embarrass you.

emotion = When the things you are thinking cause you to feel something, like when you feel happy or sad or angry.

emphasize = Saying or doing something more to try to make someone think this one thing is more important than some others.

employ =

employer = One of the people or businesses that employ people.

employment = When someone gives you money because you do some work they want you to do.

empty =

enclose = Cause something to be inside another thing.

enclosure =

encourage = When someone says something to you that helps you decide to do something more, because they make you feel that you can do this and that this is good to do.

encouragement = Things that encourage someone.

end =

enemy = This is someone who wants to hurt you and tries to cause things to happen that are bad for you. This is someone who feels angry when good things happen to you and happy when bad things happen to you.

energy = Electricity and other things that can cause things to change or move.

engine = The part of a machine that causes the other parts to move.

engineer =

English = These are the words and rules that many people use to make sentences when they say things in many places inside many countries. In other places and countries, there are different words and rules that people use.

enjoy = (See 5-31).

enjoyable = This is something you enjoy.

enjoyment = What you feel when you enjoy something.

enough =

enter =

entertain = Do something that people enjoy seeing or hearing.

entertainment = Things that entertain people.

entrance = Small place you can move through to move into a place.

envelope = This is a flat container made using paper. People use it like this: A person writes on the surface of a piece of paper and puts it inside this flat container where it cannot be seen. Then someone carries this container and gives it to another person who reads the paper inside.

environment =

equal =

equality = When two things are equal.

equipment = The machines and clothing and other things you need to use when you do a kind of work or make a kind of thing.

escape = For some time before now, someone or something caused you to be in a place and did not allow you to move to another place. You did not want to be in this place, and for some time you could not move out of this place. But now you can move out, and you move to another place.

especially =

establish =

establishment =

even =

evening = The time each day a short time before most people in this place start sleeping.

event = Something that happens at a time.

ever =

every =

everybody = All people.

everyone = All people.

everything =

everywhere = In all places.

evil = Very bad.

exact, exactly =

examination = When you examine someone or something.

examine =

example =

excellent = Very good.

except =

exchange = A person gives something to you, and because of this, you give something to this person.

excite = Causing someone to feel excited.

excited = You are thinking and feeling very much, because you think maybe something good is happening now or will happen a short time after now, and you very much want this to happen.

exciting = Making you feel excited.

excuse =

exercise =

exist = (See 3-15).

existence = When something exist.

expect = (See 4-17).

expensive = You need much money to buy this.

experience =

explain = (See 11-24).

explanation = What someone says when they carefully tell you something you did not know about a thing, or what something means, or what caused something to happen.

explode =

explosion = When something explodes.

explosive = This can cause something to explode.

express = You say or do something that shows someone what you feel.

expression =

extreme, extremely =

eye = (See 4-11).

eyelid = This is a small thin part of the surface of your head near each eye. It can move down and cover the eye, preventing light moving into your eye.