Learn These Words First (I-J-K)

I = (See 2-19).

ice =

icy =

idea =

if =

ignore = You see or hear something, but you choose not to think about it, and you do not change what you are doing because of it.

ill =

illegal = The government rules do not allow this.

illness =

im- = Not.

image =

imaginary = This kind of thing does not exist here now, but you can think about things that do not exist, like this: You can think about being in a place at a time when something like this exists, and you can think about seeing it and doing things with it now.

imagination = You can think about things you imagine.

imagine = You think about a kind of thing that does not exist here now, like this: You can think about being in a place at a time when something like this exists, and you can think about seeing it and doing things with it now.

immediately = This happens a very short time after this other thing happens.

importance = This thing is important.

important = (See 4-18).

impressive =

improve = Cause something to be good now more than before.

improvement = When something becomes good more than it was before.

in =

in- = Not.

in spite of = You expected this one thing to prevent this other thing, but this other thing happens. The one thing did not prevent the other thing like you expected.

include =

including = This thing is part of this group or amount.

income = Money that people give you for some time, like this: People often give you money because you do work they want or because you allow them to use something that belongs to you.

increase = Become more.

independent = You can decide what you do, and you can use what belongs to you. Other people do not control what you do and what you use.

indoor = Something that happens or that people use inside a building.

indoors = Into or inside a building.

industrial = Where industry exists and what it does or uses.

industry = Business where people work making some kinds of things that many other people buy.

infect = When very small living things move into your body and cause you to have a disease.

infection = When very small living things inside your body cause you to have a disease.

infectious = Disease that can move from one body, through the air or food, and into another body where it causes an infection.

influence = Being part of what causes something to happen or change.

influential = Able and likely to be part of what causes something to happen or change.

inform = You tell someone something that you think they want to know.

information = Things that someone wants to know.

injure = Damage the body of a living person or animal.

injury =

ink = This liquid has a colour that can mark a surface. People use this liquid to write words on a surface or to draw pictures.

inner =

inquire = When you tell someone you want to know something, and you want them to tell you if they know.

inquiry = When you say and do things that you think can cause you to know something that you want to know.

insect = Many kinds of very small animals that have six legs and a hard body surface.

inside = (See 1-10).

instead = You expected to do one thing, but you did a different thing.

institution = People want to do a kind of work in a place for a long time. They make buildings here where many people do this kind of work. People in this place do this same kind of work many years. This kind of work helps people, but is not the kind of work where people make things that other people buy.

instruct =

instruction = What you say and do when you instruct someone.

instrument =

insult = You cause someone to feel very bad, because you say something bad about them or you do something that shows you think they are not good.

insulting = Things that insult someone.

insurance = You give some money to a business, because the business promises to do this for some time: If some kinds of bad things happen to you or your family or the things you have, the business will give you more money than you gave them. But if these kinds of bad things do not happen, the business will not give you money.

insure = You give money to a business to buy insurance.

intelligence =

intelligent =

intend = Thinking about what you plan to do and what you want to cause.

intention = What you are planning or trying to do.

interest =

interesting = You want to think about this.

international =

interrupt = Someone says or does something for some time and they want to say or do more, but you say or do something that stops them for a short time.

into =

introduce =

introduction = When you introduce someone or something.

invent = You think about something for some time, and you think things people did not think before. Because of this, you can now make or do a kind of thing that people could not make or do before.

invention = What you make or do when you invent something.

invitation = What you write or say when you invite someone to do something.

invite = Tell someone you want them to do something if they want to do it.

involve =

inwards = Towards the inside or centre of something.

ir- = Not.

iron =

is =

island = Around this place on all sides there is much water covering the ground. But in this place there is not water above the ground.

it =

its = (See 3-05).

itself = This same thing that does this, and not others.

jaw = One of these two bones: the bone above your mouth and the bone below your mouth. These bones can move when you eat.

jealous =

jealousy = Feeling jealous.

jelly =

jewel = People make jewellery using these small stones, and you need much money to buy these kinds of stones.

jewellery, (jewelry) = Something small that people make and put around part of their body or connect to part of their clothing because it is beautiful, and not because it can be used to do something.

job = Something you do for some time because someone gives you money to do it.

join =

joint =

joke = Something you say or do to make people laugh.

journey = When you move for a long time to another place far from where you started.

joy = Very happy.

judge =

judgment = What you decide when you judge something.

juice = Liquid from inside some parts of living things.

jump = You cause your body to move up for a short time like this: Your feet are touching the ground, and you quickly use your legs to push. This makes your body move up quickly, and for a short time, you are not touching the ground.

just =

justice =

keen =

keep, kept =

key =

kick = Move your leg and cause your foot to hit something.

kill = Cause a living thing to die.

kilo = One kilogram.

kilogram = (See 11-01).

kilometre, (kilometer) = One thousand metres.

kind =

king = This one man controls a government, and after he dies, one of his children will control the government.

kingdom = Country where one man or woman controls the government, and after they die, one of their children will control the government.

kiss = You cause the front part of your mouth to touch someone or something, like people do to someone they love.

kitchen = Place inside a building where people make food that people can eat. People cut food, clean it and make it hot in this place.

knee = There are three very long bones inside each of your legs, and this is where all three of these bones are connected.

kneel, knelt = When your feet and the long part of each leg between the foot and knee are touching the ground, but the other long parts of your legs are not touching the ground.

knife = A metal thing that people make and use to cut things, like this: You hold one end of it using one hand, and you cut things using the thin flat part of the other end.

knock = When one thing hits another thing and makes a sound.

knot =

know, knew, known = (See 2-08).

knowledge = What someone knows.