Learn These Words First (D)

daily = Happening each day.

damage = (See 3-28).

dance = You move your body at the same time as you hear the sounds that are part of music because you enjoy doing this.

danger =

dangerous = (See 12-15).

dare =

daring = You do something, knowing things like this can cause something to happen that is bad for you. Other people fear this and do not do it, but you decide to do it.

dark =

date =

daughter = Your female child.

day =

dead = (See 2-28).

deal =

deal with, dealt with =

dear = Someone or something you love.

death = When something dies.

debt =

decay =

deceit = Things someone does that deceive other people.

deceive =

decide =

decimal = When an amount is written using several numbers, each less than ten. Each written number counts part of this amount. Numbers on one side of a small mark count parts of this amount less than one. Numbers on the other side of this small mark count parts of this amount multiplied by one or ten or more.

decision =

declaration = When you declare something.

declare =

decorate = When people make things and put things in places because these things are beautiful, and not because people need things like this.

decoration = Beautiful things that decorate a place.

decrease =

deep =

deer = Kind of big animal that has hair and does not eat other animals. These animals can move very quickly. Male adults have two long hard things that grow up out of the top of their head, and several narrow hard things grow up out of each of these hard things.

defeat =

defence, (defense) = Something that can defend someone.

defend = When some people want to do something bad for you, you do things or say things that prevent it.

definite, definitely = You know this is true.

degree =

delay = Something does not happen at the time when you expect it to happen, because something causes it to happen after this time.

deliberate, deliberately = You think about what you want to do for some time before you decide and do it.

delicate =

delight =

deliver = Cause something to move to the place where you want it from a different place.

demand = You tell someone what you want them to do. You tell them they are bad if they do not do what you want. You say this several more times if they do not do what you want.

department = One of two or more groups that are parts of a business or the government. The people inside a group do similar kinds of work.

depend =

dependent = You cannot do something you want or need to do, if this person does not do what you expect them to do.

depth =

descend = Move down.

describe = When you see something and want another person to know about it, you say something to this person, and because of these words, this person can know what this thing is like.

description = What you say about something when you describe it.

descriptive = These words tell another person what something is like.

desert = Big place where there is not much water and not many living things.

deserve =

design = Before you make something, you plan what you want this thing to do and what you want it to look like. You plan the parts you want this thing to have, where you want these parts, and what parts will be near or connected to other parts.

desirable =

desire = Wanting something very much.

desk = People make something that has a flat top surface, and people use it like this: When you sit near it, you can put your legs below the flat surface, and you can read and write and work using things you put on top of this surface.

destroy = Someone damages this thing very much. Because of this, you cannot use it. You cannot change the damaged parts and cause this thing to be something good you can use, like it was before.

destruction = The damage that you cause when you destroy something.

detail = One of all the many things you can know and say about something.

determination =

determined = You choose what you want to do. You try very much for a long time to do this. You do not allow things to stop you.

develop =

devil = Many people think someone like this exists: This is someone very bad. This is someone who does not have a body you can see. This is someone who does bad things to people and tries to make people do bad things.

diamond =

dictionary = Book that says what many words mean.

die, dying = (See 2-28).

difference = The things you can say are different when you compare two things.

different = (See 3-17).

difficult = (See 3-29).

difficulty = Doing something that is difficult.

dig, dug = Move some parts of the ground to make some holes in the ground.

dinner = The short time each day when you eat more food than you eat at other times each day.

dip =

direct =

direction =

dirt =

dirty = There are things touching this surface: things you do not want on the surface, like small pieces of the ground or things that can cause disease.

dis- =

disappoint =

disappointing = When things happen that disappoint you.

discourage = You want something to happen, and for a long time you tried very much to make it happen. But now something makes you think maybe the thing you want cannot happen. Because of this, you do not try very much after this to make this thing happen.

discouragement = What you feel when things discourage you.

discover = Something was true before now, but you did not know it. Now you know it is true because you saw or thought or did something, not because someone told you it is true.

discovery = What you discover.

discuss = Several people say things about something for some time, because each person wants to know what the others think about it. Each person can say what they think, and the others hear and think about this.

discussion = When several people discuss something.

disease = (See 8-23).

dish = This is a container that people make. People use it to contain food a short time before people eat this food. These containers are not tall, and most have the same shape as a circle.

dismiss =

distance = (See 6-05).

distant = Far from here.

ditch = Long narrow place where the ground surface is below the surface on each side of this long place. People move parts of the ground to make a long place like this, because water will move down into it from the ground surface on each side.

divide =

division =

do, does, doing, did, done = (See 2-04).

doctor =

document = One or more pieces of paper that contain something important that someone writes.

dog = (See 12-24).

dollar = Money that people use inside some countries.

door = Something solid and flat connected to a building. You can move it to cover a doorway. This prevents someone moving into or out of part of a building.

doorway = You cannot move through most parts of the solid sides of a building, but when people make a building, people make one or more big holes that people can move through. This is a hole in the side of a building that you can move through to move into or out of a building.

dot = Small mark that has the shape of a circle.

double =

doubt = When you think maybe this thing is not true.

down =

drag = You hold one part of this thing and pull it, causing this thing to move. All this time, part of this thing is touching the ground.

draw, drew, drawn =

drawer = Small container that you can pull out of or push into something people make. At most times, you push it inside, and you cannot see what is inside the container. When you want to see what is inside, you can pull part of it out, and you can move things into or out of the container.

dream, dreamt =

dress =

drink, drank, drunk =

drive, drove, driven =

drop =

drown = When a person dies because their head is below the surface of water for some time, and when they try to breathe, water moves into their body because there is not air to breathe.

drug = Kinds of chemicals that people put inside their bodies. People can use some of these chemicals to make their body feel good and hurt less. People who have some diseases can use some kinds of chemicals to make their body become more healthy.

drum =

drunk =

dry, dries, dried = (See 6-04).

duck = Kind of bird that can fly and can move on the surface of water. These birds have legs that are not long. This kind of bird has a hard mouth that is long, wide and flat.

dull =

during =

dust = Many very small dry pieces of something. Moving air can cause these pieces to move, and they can move into your body when you breathe. People need to clean inside buildings to prevent this.

duty =