Learn These Words First (N-O)

nail =

name = (See 10-22).

narrow = (See 6-06).

nasty =

nation =

national = This says something about all parts of one country.

natural =

nature =

near =

nearly =

neat =

necessary =

neck = The narrow part of your body that is connected below your head and connects to the big part of your body.

need = (See 4-23).

needle =

negative =

neighbour, (neighbor) =

neighbourhood, (neighborhood) = Small place containing several buildings. One of these buildings is where you live and sleep most days.

neither = Not this one and not this other one.

nerve =

nervous =

nest = Something birds and some other animals make because they can put their eggs or children inside it. This helps prevent things hurting or damaging the eggs or children when they are inside.

net = Something long and wide that people use many strings to make. Each string is connected to parts of many other strings. Near each part of each string, it is connected to one of the other strings. Small things can move through this between the strings, but big things cannot. People can use this to hold fish and pull them out of the water, because water can move between the strings, but the fish cannot.

network =

never =

new =

news =

newspaper = People use machines to write important news on the surface of many pieces of paper.

nice =

night = The time each day when there is not much light in a place and people cannot see the sun and most people in this place are sleeping.

nine = (See 8-11).

ninth =

no =

no one = There is not someone that you can say this about.

noble =

nobleman = Man who is part of a noble family.

noise =

non- = Not.

none = There is not some of this.

nonsense =

nor = Not this one and not this other one.

normal =

north = Towards the place that is on this side of your body if you are looking at the sun a short time before the time each day when you cannot see the sun: on the same side of your body as the hand most people use when they write.

northern = In a place towards the north.

nose =

not = (See 1-11).

note =

nothing =

notice =

noticeable = Something most people will notice.

noun = (See 12-12).

now =

nowhere = There is not a place where this is true.

number =

nurse =

nut =

nylon = Kind of string that is difficult to damage. It is made using chemicals. It is not made using parts of plants or animals. People can use it to make cloth and other things. People use it to make clothing that women use to cover their legs.

o'clock = When you look at a machine that shows the time and counts the hours that are part of a day, this is the hour number that the machine show.

obedient = You are likely to do the things that a person or rule tells you to do.

obey =

object =

obtain = You have or can use something now, because for some time before now, you wanted to have it and tried to make this happen.

occasion =

ocean = Very big place where there is very much water. Many people live near this water, but they cannot drink it because it contains salt. There are not other places where people can be near to more water than this.

odd =

of =

off =

offence, (offense) =

offend =

offensive =

offer =

office = Building or part of a building where someone reads and writes and works. The work that a person or group of people does because they are part of the government.

officer =

official =

often = (See 5-25).

oil = Liquid fat and other liquids that are like this. When you put these liquids into water, they move up to the top surface of the water. People can burn these liquids. You can put some of this liquid between two machine parts that are touching, and because of this, these parts can move more easily.

old =

old-fashioned = Most people wanted to have or do these things many years before now, but most people do not want to have or do these things now.

on =

once =

one =

oneself = This same person who does this and not others.

onion = Kind of plant that has long green parts that grow above the ground and a big round white part that grows below the ground. Inside the big round part, there is another round part that looks the same, but is less big. Inside this round part, there are several more round parts that look the same. Each is less big and contains another round part. People eat these round parts. When you eat or cut these round parts, people who breathe the air near you can know you ate or cut this kind of plant.

only =

only just =

onto = Something moves to a place on a surface.

open =

operate =

operation =

opinion = What you think about something.

opponent = You want something to happen, and you are trying to cause it to happen, but this person is trying to cause it not to happen.

opportunity = At this time, you are likely to be able to do this thing if you try to do it. At other times, you cannot do this or you cannot do it easily.

oppose = Someone wants to do something, but you very much do not want it to happen, and you do things to try to cause it not to happen.

opposite =

opposition = When someone wants to do something, but you very much do not want it to happen, and you do things to try to cause it not to happen.

or = (See 3-03).

orange =

order =

ordinary =

organ =

organise, (organize) =

organization =

origin = Where and when something starts.

original =

other = (See 1-04).

otherwise =

ought =

our, ours = This thing belongs to me and one or more other people.

ourselves =

out =

outdoor = Something that happens or that people use in a place that is not inside a building.

outdoors = Not inside a building.

outer =

outside =

over =

owe, owing =

owing to = Because of.

own =

owner = The person this thing belongs to, because this person bought it or made it or someone gave it to this person.

oxygen = This kind of atom is part of air, and if people do not breathe this kind of atom for a short time, they will die.