Learn These Words First (P)

pack =

package = Container you can carry that contains things that someone put inside.

packet = Small package.

page =

pain =

painful = This causes pain.

paint =

painting = When you put paint on a surface to change its colour or to make a picture.

pair = Two similar things that connect or that people often see or use at the same time.

palace = Very big building like this: Inside a country where one family controls the government, the family lives inside a very big building.

pale = The colour of this thing is more like white than it is at other times.

pan = Metal container that people use like this: People put food inside this container when they make the food hot before they eat it. Often the bottom of this container has the same shape as a circle. The container can have a long part that you can hold using one hand to carry the container.

paper = (See 8-15).

parallel =

parcel =

parent = (See 5-12).

park =

parliament = Kind of group that controls the government and makes the rules inside some countries. People inside this country choose the people inside this group.

part =

participle = This kind of word tells you what happens, but you use it like a word that tells you what a person or place or thing is like.

particular =

partly = This is true to say about some parts, but not true to say about all parts.

partner = When two people do one thing, and each does part of this same thing, and each helps the other.

party =

pass =

passage =

passenger = Someone inside a moving vehicle who does not control the vehicle.

past =

pastry = Kind of food that people make using many very small dry pieces of grain. People mix these small dry pieces and some fat and milk or water. People can put other things like fruit inside this. Then people put this in a hot place for some time to make this food become dry.

path =

patience =

patient =

pattern =

pause = Something stops happening for a short time. It happens before this time and after this time, but it does not happen for this short time.

pay, paid = (See 11-22).

payment = Money you give someone because they did some work you wanted them to do, or because they gave you something that you wanted to buy.

peace =

peaceful = When there is peace.

pen =

pence = One of one hundred parts of the money amount that people count and use inside some countries.

pencil = Narrow thing that people make and use to write and draw. People hold it and move it using one hand. It contains something solid that can mark a surface.

pepper = Several kinds of plants that grow fruit that people eat. When you eat the fruit, some parts of it can make your mouth feel like there is something very hot inside.

per = The amount you can say about each.

per cent, percent = This number is used to compare the number of one kind of thing inside a group with the number of all things inside the group. Each time you count one hundred things from the group, you expect to count this number of this one kind of thing.

perfect =

perform =

performance =

perhaps = Maybe.

period =

permanent =

permission = When you permit someone to do something.

permit =

person, people = (See 1-08).

personal =

persuade =

pet = Animal that you enjoy having inside the place where you live and sleep. You enjoy touching this animal and having it near you. You want to do things that are good for this animal.

petrol = Kind of liquid that people burn to make vehicles and other machines move. People make this liquid using a black liquid that people find below the surface of the ground.

photograph = You use a machine to make a picture of something you can see, using the light that moves into the machine from the thing you can see.

photography = What people do to make a photograph.

phrase =

physical =

piano = Kind of big machine that people use to make music. It has many black and white parts that you can push using the five narrow parts of each hand. When you push each of these parts, you hear the machine hit a long narrow piece of metal inside. People do this to make music.

pick =

pick up =

picture = (See 7-29).

piece =

pig = Kind of animal that uses its nose to move pieces of the ground to find things to eat. This animal has four legs that are not long. Some hard hairs grow out of its body, but there are not many hairs and they are not long. These animals eat all kinds of food. Some people have these animals and give them food that people do not want to eat. These animals eat much food and quickly become big and heavy. Then people eat these animals.

pile = Group of many similar things in one place. Each is touching other things inside this group, and many are on top of other things inside this group.

pilot = Someone who controls where a boat or flying vehicle moves.

pin =

pink = The colour of this thing is like the colour you see when you mix the colours red and white.

pipe =

pity = You feel sad when you think about a person or animal, knowing that they hurt or feel sad.

place =

plain =

plan = (See 4-16).

plane =

plant =

plastic = One of several kinds of chemicals that people make and use like this: For a short time, people can cause this chemical to become many different shapes. Then it becomes solid, and after this, its shape does not change. People use this to make many different kinds of things.

plate =

play =

pleasant =

please =

pleased =

pleasure = When you enjoy something or it makes you feel happy.

plenty =

plural =

pocket = Small container that is part of a piece of clothing. People use cloth to make this part of a piece of clothing, and it can contain things like one hand or some money or other small things people want to carry. There is one small place where things can move into or out of this cloth container.

poem = Piece of writing where you choose words and groups of words because you enjoy the sounds. This helps people enjoy it more when they hear it or read it.

poet = Someone who writes poetry.

poetry = Kind of writing where you choose words and groups of words because you enjoy the sounds. This helps people enjoy it more when they hear it or read it.

point =

pointed = This thing has a narrow point.

poison = Chemical that is poisonous.

poisonous = Eating, breathing or touching this chemical can damage a living thing or cause it to die.

pole =

police = (See 12-02).

polish = Rub something to make it become very smooth. After this, when light moves down to this smooth surface, much of this light will move up from the surface.

polite = When you say or do things that make other people feel you think they are important and do not want something bad for them to happen. These things are not difficult to do, but you are careful to do them because you want other people to feel good.

political =

politician = Someone who tries to make people choose him or her to be part of the government.

politics = The things that people do to try to control a government or group of people.

pool =

poor =

popularity = When someone or something is popular.

population =

port =

position =

positive =

possess = Have or control.

possession = What you have or control.

possibility =

possible =

possibly =

post =

pot = Big container that people make. It can contain much, because the bottom part inside this container is far below the top. People put food inside a container like this when they want to make it become hot. People can use clay or metal to make these containers.

potato = Kind of small plant that has several big parts that grow below the ground. These big parts have a thin brown surface, but they are white or yellow inside. People make these big parts hot, and then they eat what is inside. The inside part is hard and not good to eat if you do not make it hot.

pound =

pour = When something causes liquid to move down quickly from one place to another place.

powder = Many very small dry pieces of something that moving air can cause to move.

power =

powerful = Controls very much power.

practical =

practice, practise =

praise = When you say someone or something is very good.

pray =

prayer =

precious =

prefer = You want this one more than some other one.

preparation = What you do when you prepare.

prepare = You think about what can happen some time after now, and you make and move and learn things now that you think you can use when things like this happen some time after now.

presence =

present =

preserve =

president =

press =

pressure =

pretend = You want to think about and feel like another person in a different place or at a different time. Because of this, you do and say things that you think are like what other people do and say in other places at other times. You can do this because you enjoy it, or because you want other people to see and hear this and think something is true that you know is not true.

pretty =

prevent = (See 6-21).

price = The amount of money you need to give someone to buy this thing.

prickly = There are many narrow parts on the surface of this thing, and each of these narrow parts has a very narrow end. If you touch this thing, these narrow ends feel like they can make small holes in things they touch.

pride =

priest = This person learns the things that one or more gods want people to do, and this person helps a group of people learn and do these things, and this person says things to help people when important things happens, like when people die or become married.

prince = Inside a country where one man or woman controls the government, and where one of their children will control the government when they die, this is one of their male children.

principle = This is a rule that helps you think about what causes something to happen, or helps you choose what to do, or helps you decide if doing one thing is good more than doing another.

print =

prison = When you are a prisoner, someone makes you be inside this building. You cannot move to another place, because if you try to move to another place, someone will try to stop you or hurt you.

prisoner = Someone makes you be in a place, and you cannot move to another place for a long time, because if you try to move to another place, someone will try to stop you or hurt you.

private =

prize = This is something given to someone who wins. You tell people you plan to give this thing to someone who wins, because you want people to try more. People think maybe if they try more, they can win and have this thing.

probability =

probably =

problem = This is bad for you. You want this to change and not be bad for you. Maybe this can change if someone thinks about it and does something for some time. Maybe someone can do something difficult to change this.

process = Something changes because for some time several things happen. Some of these things happen before others, and some happen after others. Each of these things cause part of this change. When people want to cause something to change like this, they can plan what things need to happen and what things need to happen before others. People can cause these same things to happen many times to cause these same changes to happen to many things.

procession =

produce =

product =

production =

profession =

profit =

programme, (program) =

progress =

promise = (See 7-20).

pronounce =

pronunciation = The sounds you use to say a word.

proof = Things someone does or uses to make you know something is true.

proper =

property =

proposal =

protect = Prevent things that can hurt or damage something.

protection = Things that protect someone or something.

protective = Preventing things that can hurt or damage something.

protest = Someone does something or wants to cause something to happen. You show them and tell them that you very much do not want this to happen. You say you think what they are doing is bad and you want them to stop.

proud =

prove, proven = Something causes you to know something is true that you did not know before. Things like seeing or hearing something or thinking about several things you knew before can cause you to know something is true that you did not know before. Maybe you thought this was true before, but now you know it is true.

provide =

provision = What you provide.

provisions = Food and other things someone will need.

public =

pull = (See 4-07).

pump =

punish = After a person does something bad, you do something that feels bad for this person, because you think like this: If something bad happens to people who do bad things, maybe people will think about this and it will cause them not do some bad things.

punishment = Things someone does that punish someone.

pupil =

pure =

purple = The colour of this thing is like the colour you see when you mix the colours red and blue.

purpose = The thing you are trying to cause.

push =

put =