Learn These Words First (A)

a =

abbreviation = You write some parts but not all parts of a long word. When someone sees what you wrote, they know it means the same as this long word.

ability = What someone can do.

able = (See 4-02).

about =

above =

abroad = Inside a different country that is not your country.

absence = When someone or something is absent.

absent =

accept =

acceptable = You allow this because you think it is good more than bad.

accident = Someone causes something bad to happen, but not because they tried to make it happen. It happens when people do not expect it to happen, and because they do not expect it, they do not do things that can prevent it.

accidental = You cause something to happen, but you did not try to make it happen.

accordance =

according to =

account =

ache = Something hurts for a long time, but it does not hurt very much.

achieve = Something good happens because someone does something for a long time or because someone does something difficult.

achievement = Something you achieve.

acid = This is a kind of chemical like the chemical that makes fruit taste sour. This chemical can make holes in things it touches. Mixing this chemical and another chemical can make salt.

across =

act =

action = Moving or doing something.

active =

activity = Moving or doing things.

actor = Someone who says and does things that sound and look like other people to tell a story.

actress = Female actor.

actual =

actually = This is true.

add =

addition =

additional = More.

address =

adjective = This kind of word says something about what a person or place or thing is like.

admiration = When you admire someone or something.

admire = When you think someone or something is very good.

admit =

admittance = Allow someone to be inside a place.

adult = (See 7-09).

advance =

advanced =

advantage = This is good for one person more than it is good for another person.

adventure = You do something that is not like something you did before. This causes you to think and feel very much.

adverb = This kind of word says something more about these words: words that tell you what happens and words that tell you what a person or place or thing is like.

advice = What you tell someone to say this: If they do this one thing, you think it is good for them, but if they do other things, you think it is less good for them.

advise = When you give someone advice.

affair =

affect = You do something that causes things not to be the same as before.

afford = You have the money you need to buy something.

afraid = Feeling fear.

after =

afternoon = The part of each day that happens between these two times: the time several hours after most people stop sleeping and the time several hours before most people start sleeping.

afterwards = Happening after this other time.

again = Something happens, and after this another thing happens that is the same as what happened before.

against =

age =

ago = Before now.

agree =

agreement = What people agree to do.

ahead =

aim =

air = (See 4-27).

aircraft = A vehicle that can fly.

airport = Place on the surface of the ground where people move things into and out of many aircraft before and after they fly.

alcohol = (See 10-26).

alike =

alive = (See 1-16).

all = (See 1-13).

allow = (See 8-01).

almost =

alone =

along =

aloud = Saying something that another person can hear.

alphabet = This is a group of different shapes. You draw many of these shapes when you write words. When someone reads words, each shape can tell them a sound that is part of a word.

already =

also =

although = When people hear this one thing, maybe they will think something that is not the same as what they will think after hearing this other thing.

altogether =

always =

am, are =

among =

amount = (See 9-18).

amuse =

amusement =

amusing = You enjoy this and it makes you laugh.

an =

ancient = Happening or existing a very long time before now.

and = (See 3-02).

anger = Feeling angry.

angle =

angry = (See 10-14).

animal = (See 3-10).

ankle = Part of the body where two long leg bones connect to the foot.

announce = You say something and cause many people to hear this because you want many people to know something.

annoy = You do something that someone does not want. Maybe you do it many times. It is not something very bad, but this someone does not want you to do it another time after now.

annoyance = Something annoying.

annoying = Something happens that you do not want. Maybe it happens many times. It is not something very bad, but you do not want it to happen another time after now.

another = (See 1-04).

answer = You say something to a person because the person told you they want to know something.

ant = Kind of very small animal that has six legs and a hard body surface. These animals live near the ground, and very many of them live in the same place. People think these animals do very much work.

anxiety = Feeling anxious.

anxious =

any =

anybody =

anyhow =

anyone =

anything =

anywhere =

apart =

apartment = One of several parts inside a big building. Inside each, some people live and eat and sleep.

apparatus = Group of things and small machines that people connect to do something people want.

appear =

appearance =

apple = Kind of fruit tree. The fruit is round and hard. The fruit has a surface that is red or green or yellow. The inside part of the fruit is white. People eat this fruit, or they press it to make a liquid to drink.

appoint = Choose someone to do a kind of work for some time.

approval = When you approve.

approve =

arch = Part of a building that has a shape like part of a circle. The top of this circle is above people inside the building, and the sides are less high.

area =

argue =

argument = When people argue.

arm =

armour, (armor) = Soldiers use metal or other things to make a hard surface around their bodies, because this can prevent damage if something hits them.

arms =

army =

around =

arrange =

arrangement = Something you arrange.

arrival = When things arrive.

arrive = The moment when this thing moves into this place. Before this moment, it was not in this place.

art =

article =

artificial =

as =

as opposed to = Comparing these two things and saying what is different about them.

ash =

ashamed =

aside =

ask = (See 12-04).

asleep = Sleeping.

association =

at =

ate = (See 4-29).

atom = (See 9-24).

attack =

attempt = Try to cause this thing to happen.

attend =

attendance =

attention = Thinking about what you see and hear. Thinking about this for some time and not thinking about other things.

attitude =

attract =

attractive = These things attract someone.

aunt =

authority =

autumn = Three months that are after the hot part of a year and before the cold part of a year.

available =

average =

avoid =

awake = Not sleeping.

away =

awkward =