Learn These Words First (F)

face =

fact = Something that is true.

factory = Business where people use machines to make things inside a building or group of buildings.

fail =

failure = When things fail.

faint =

fair =

fairly =

fairy = Someone who looks like a very small person. When some people tell stories, they say things about this kind of small person who can cause things to happen that people cannot cause. This kind of small person does not exist.

faith =

faithful =

fall, fell, fallen =

false =

fame = When many people know about you and often say things about you.

familiar = Many people know about this because many people see it or do it many times.

family = (See 7-23).

famous = Many people know about you and often say things about you.

fancy =

far =

farm = Place where someone has plants and animals and causes them to grow for a long time because people want to eat or use these plants and animals.

farmer = Someone who has a farm where plants or animals grow.

farmyard = The ground near the buildings in a place where someone causes plants and animals to grow.

fashion =

fashionable = Fashion that many people want and enjoy at a time.

fast =

fasten =

fat =

fate = Something that happens to you that you cannot control.

father = Male parent.

fault =

favour, (favor) =

favourable, (favorable) = This is good for you and what you want.

favourite, (favorite) = You enjoy or want this one more than all others.

fear = (See 10-15).

feather = One of the many long flat things that grow out of the surface of the body of a bird and cover most parts of its body. A bird needs these things to fly.

feature = When people see this thing, they will look at and think about this part of it.

feed, fed = Give someone food to eat.

feel, felt =

feeling =

feelings =

fellow =

female = (See 5-10).

fence = Something long and tall and narrow that people make between one place and another place. A person or animal needs to move above this long narrow thing to move from one place to the other, but cannot do this easily. People make this to prevent people or animals moving out of one place into the other.

fever = When a disease causes your body to become hot. At most times when you are healthy, your body is less hot than this.

few = Some, but not many.

field =

fierce = Doing things that cause other people or animals to think that you very much want to hurt another person or animal.

fifth =

fight, fought = Because someone is trying to make something happen that you do not want, you try to hurt this person to cause them to stop.

figure =

fill =

film =

final =

finally =

financial = The things people do with money.

find, found =

find out, found out = You know something now that you did not know before.

fine =

finger = One of the five long narrow parts of your hand that each can move when the others do not move.

finish =

fire =

fireplace = Place inside a building where people burn things to cause there to be light and to make the building less cold.

firm = Not likely to change or move.

first =

fish =

fisherman, fishermen = Someone who finds fish and pulls them out of the water.

fit =

five = (See 5-07).

fix =

flag =

flame = The light you see where hot gas is burning.

flash = You see much light for a very short time, but you do not see much light before or after this time.

flat =

flesh =

flight =

float = The bottom of this thing is touching the top surface of a liquid, but it does not move down through the liquid. This thing is touching the liquid, but not touching something solid that prevents it moving down.

flood = When much water moves into a place where there was not much water before.

floor =

flour = Very small dry pieces of grain seeds that people use to make bread.

flow = When something moves for some time like liquid moves.

flower = (See 11-13).

fly, flies, flew, flown =

fold = You change the shape of something solid, like this: Two parts of its surface were not touching before. You do not change the shape of these two parts, but you move one of the parts and cause its surface to be touching the surface of the other part.

follow =

fond = When you enjoy someone or something.

food = (See 4-30).

fool =

foolish = You decided to do something, but you did not think about it much before you decided to do it, and because of this, you decided to do something that most people know is not good for you.

football = Game where two groups of people use their feet to move a round thing. One group tries to move the round thing to one side of a place, and the other group tries to move it to the other side.

footpath = Long narrow surface of the ground that people use when they move from one place to another. Their feet touch this surface many times when they move.

footstep = When your foot is on a solid surface, and then you lift your foot and put it down on a different part of the surface.

for =

forbid, forbade, forbidden = Tell someone they are not allowed to do something.

force =

forehead = The part of the front side of your head that is above your eyes and below the top part of your head where hair grows.

foreign =

foreigner = You are not inside your country. You are inside a different country.

forest = Big place where there are many trees.

forget, forgot, forgotten =

forgive, forgave, forgiven = Because someone did something bad for you, you were angry for some time. You wanted them to feel bad, and thought they needed to do something good for you. But now this is what you say or feel: You are not angry now, and you do not think they need to do something good for you.

fork =

form =

formal =

former, formerly = At a time before now.

fort = One or more big buildings that soldiers use to prevent people moving into this place and hurting the people inside this place.

fortunate = Good for you.

fortune =

forward, forwards =

four = (See 5-06).

fourth =

fox = This kind of animal has four legs and eats small animals. These animals are less big than a small person. Many of these animals have red hair. This kind of animal has much long straight hair growing out of a long part of its body connected behind where its back legs are connected. These animals try not to be in places where people can see them.

frame =

free =

freedom = You are free to do what you want or move where you want.

freeze, froze, frozen = When a liquid becomes very cold, causing it to become solid, and it cannot move or change shape like before.

frequent = Happening often.

fresh =

friend =

friendly = Doing things like someone who wants to be your friend.

frighten = Something causes someone to feel fear.

frightening = Causing someone to feel fear.

from =

front = (See 6-10).

fruit = (See 9-02).

fulfil, (fulfill) = You do the thing someone wanted you to do.

full =

fun = You do this because you enjoy it.

funeral = A short time after a person dies, a group of people moves to the same place to say things about the person who died, and then people burn the body or put it below the surface of the ground.

funny =

fur = Hair that grows out of the surface of some kinds of animals and covers much of their bodies.

furnish = Put furniture or other things in a place where people want them.

furniture = Some kinds of big things people make. People can carry these things into buildings and use them like this: You can sit on top of these things, or you can put things inside or on top of these things.

further =

future = At a time after now.