Learn These Words First (B)

baby = Animal that is small because it is very young.

back =

background =

backward, backwards =

bacteria = Very small living thing that is not an animal. Some kinds can cause diseases.

bad =

bag = Container that people make using cloth or something thin like cloth. People make this kind of container because a person can carry it and put small things inside it.

bake = Put something in a place that is hot and dry because you want to make this thing become dry or because you want to eat this thing.

balance =

ball =

banana = Kind of fruit tree that grows in hot places. The fruit is long and has a shape like part of a circle. The surface of the fruit is yellow. The inside part of the fruit is white and sweet and not hard.

band =

bank =

bar =

bare = You can now see the parts of something that was covered before.

barrel =

base =

basic = What you need and not more than this.

basket = Container that people make using long hard narrow parts. A person can carry it and put small solid things inside it.

bath = Water inside a big container that you put things into to clean them.

bathe =

battle = When one group of people tries to cause something to happen, and another group of people tries to stop them, and because of this, each group tries to hurt the other group.

be, am, are, is, being, was, were, been =

beach = Dry ground on one side of much water where there are very many small pieces of stone.

beak = The kind of hard mouth that birds have.

beam =

bean = Kind of plant that will grow up and connect to tall things near it. This plant has long parts that contain seeds that people eat.

bear, bore, borne =

beard = Hair that a man has that grows out of the front part of his head on one side of his mouth, below his mouth, and on the other side of his mouth.

beat, beaten =

beautiful = (See 9-30).

beauty = Something that is beautiful.

because = (See 2-06).

become, became = (See 3-16).

bed =

bee = Small animal that is yellow and black. This animal has six legs and can fly. The back of this animal has a very narrow part that can cut and hurt people. Many of these animals live in the same place and make something sweet that animals and people want to eat.

beer = People do something to grain and plant parts to make this yellow liquid. This liquid contains alcohol, and people enjoy drinking it.

before =

beg = You tell someone you want them to do something. You say you want this very much. You know you cannot make this person do what you want if they do not want to do it.

begin, began, begun = Start.

beginning = When something starts.

behave =

behaviour, (behavior) = The things that someone does.

behind =

belief = What you think is true.

believe = You think this is true.

bell = People make these metal things have air inside. People make these because someone can hit them to make loud sounds.

belong =

below =

belt =

bend, bent =

beneath =

berry = One of many kinds of very small fruit.

beside =

besides = More than this is true, because this other thing is true.

best =

better =

between =

beyond =

bicycle = People make this kind of machine that has two wheels. A person can sit on top of it and cause it to move from one place to another. People use their feet to cause two parts of this machine to move, and this causes the wheels to turn.

big =

bill =

bind, bound =

bird = (See 9-11).

birth = When a child moves out of the body of its female parent.

birthday = The day one year after your birth, or the same day one or more years after this.

bit =

bite, bit, bitten =

bitter =

black =

blade =

blame = You say this bad thing happened because of what this person did.

bleed, bled =

bless = Say you want a god to do something good with this thing.

blind =

block =

blood =

blow, blew =

blue =

board =

boat = (See 10-02).

body =

boil =

bomb = Something someone makes that can explode and that someone can use to damage things and cause people to die.

bone = (See 11-05).

book = (See 11-18).

boot =

border =

bored = You feel like someone who does the same thing for a long time and wants to do something different and think about something different.

boring = Something that makes someone feel bored.

born =

borrow = Something belongs to another person. For a short time you move it and use it, but then you put it where it was before, and the person it belongs to can use it.

both =

bottle = Container people make to contain liquids. The top of this container is more narrow than the other parts of the container. You can see the liquid inside this container because people make it using something that light can move through.

bottom =

bowels =

bowl = People make this kind of container to put food or water into: Its shape is like part of something round, and the container does not cover the food inside.

box = A container people make that has a hard flat bottom and hard flat sides.

boy = Young male person.

brain = Part of the body inside the head that controls when the body moves and what someone thinks and feels.

branch =

brass = To make this kind of yellow metal, people mix two kinds of metal: a kind of metal that has a colour like red and brown, and a kind of metal that has a colour like blue and white. People use this kind of metal to make things that people move air through to make music.

brave = You do something that many people fear doing. You do this because you think this thing is good to do, and you think someone needs to do this.

bread = (See 9-07).

breadth =

break, broke, broken =

breakfast = The food you eat a short time after you sleep for a long time.

breast =

breath = The air that moves out of your body when you breathe.

breathe = (See 4-28).

breed, bred =

brick = Something people make using clay. People cause the clay to have flat sides and a flat top and bottom. Then people make the clay hot for some time to make it become hard. People use many of these things to make buildings.

bridge =

bright =

bring, brought =

broad =

broadcast = When you cause many people to hear and know about something.

brother = Male who has the same parents as you.

brown = (See 10-19).

brush =

bucket = Something people make that can contain liquids. The bottom of this container is flat and the sides are around what is inside. The container does not cover what is inside. Part of this container can move above what is inside, and a person can use one hand to hold this part and carry the container.

build, built =

building = (See 5-28).

bullet = Small round piece of metal. People put this inside a metal tube. When something inside this tube explodes, it causes the round piece of metal to move quickly out of the tube and then through the air to hit something.

bunch = Group of things that are all connected in the same place. Group.

burial = Put a dead body into a hole in the ground and cover it using pieces of the ground.

burn, burnt = (See 7-15).

burst = For some time, there was much inside this container. But then, because there was very much inside, part of the container becomes damaged and makes a hole in the container, and much of what was inside the container moves out of the container in a moment. The container cannot contain much after this.

bury =

bus = Big vehicle that can carry many people inside. This vehicle has four or more wheels and a machine inside that causes it to move.

bush = Kinds of plants that are like small trees, but are less big. These plants have many long narrow parts that grow out from parts of the plant that less narrow.

business = (See 10-09).

busy =

but = (See 3-12).

butter = Yellow solid that people make using the fat inside milk. People often put this on the surface of bread and eat it.

button =

buy, bought = (See 9-03).

by =