Learn These Words First (S)

sad = (See 10-17).

safe =

safety = When something is safe.

sail =

sale =

salt = (See 10-29).

same =

sand = Many very small pieces of stone. Because these pieces are very small, moving air can cause these pieces to move.

satisfaction =

satisfactory = The things you did satisfy someone.

satisfy =

save =

say, said =

scale =

scatter = Many things were in one small place, and each was near to all the others. But then something causes them to move into a big place, and after this, each is far from most of the others.

scene =

scenery =

school =

science = People can do this to learn what things cause other things to happen: You cause one thing to change, and you see if this causes other things to change. You measure what happens and what you think caused it, and you write a rule that says what changes you expect if something similar happens. Other people try to cause this same thing to happen many times to know if there are times when this rule is not true.

scientific = People use science to do this.

scientist = Someone who learns what things cause other things to happen, like this: You cause one thing to change, and you see if this causes other things to change. You measure what happens and what you think caused it, and you write a rule that says what changes you expect if something similar happens. Other people try to cause this same thing to happen many times to know if there are times when this rule is not true.

scissors = This is something people make and use to cut paper and cloth. This thing has two long flat metal parts that are connected in one place. You use one hand to hold this thing, and you put paper or cloth between the two long metal parts. Then you use your hand to move the long metal parts and make them touch. This cuts the paper or cloth between them.

screen =

screw = Kind of long narrow metal things people make. The surface of this long thing looks like someone put a narrow string around it several times, starting near one end. You can use this thing to connect two solid things, like this: You push one end into the surface of one of the solid things. Then you turn the other end, and this causes it to move through the one solid thing and into the other, causing them to be connected.

sea = Very big place where there is very much water. People can live near this water, but they cannot drink it because it contains salt.

season =

seat =

second =

secrecy = When you try to prevent things that can cause someone to learn your secret.

secret =

secretary =

see, saw, seen =

seed = (See 9-01).

seem = Because of what you see or hear, you think this is likely to be true, but you do not know.

seize =

sell, sold = You have something and tell people you will give it to them if they give you some money.

send, sent = You cause something to move to another place, but you do not move to this other place.

sensation =

sense =

senseless =

sensible = You know what kinds of things can cause other things, and you choose to do the things that are likely to cause something good.

sensitive =

sentence =

separate =

series = There are several similar things. Something similar happens to each, but does not happen to more than one at the same time. You can count each time this happens and use these numbers to say what thing happens before another.

serious =

servant = Person who does work like this that helps other people: This person can clean and make food inside a building where people live and sleep. Other people decide what work this person does.

serve =

service =

set =

settle =

seven = (See 8-09).

seventh =

several = (See 6-08).

severe =

sew, sewn = When you connect two pieces of cloth, like this: You use a very narrow metal thing that has a hole in one end. You put one end of a piece of string through this hole, push this metal thing through the pieces of cloth, and use it to pull the string through the cloth. You pull the end of the string through the two pieces of cloth several times to connect them.

sex =

sexual = (See 7-21).

shade =

shadow = Light moves to a surface, but there is something between the light and this surface that causes there to be less light on part of the surface. The part of the surface that has less light looks like the shape of the thing between the light and the surface.

shake, shook, shaken = Moving or causing something to move like this: It quickly moves up and then down, or it quickly moves towards one side and then towards the other. It moves like this many times, but it does not move far.

shall =

shame =

shape =

share =

sharp =

she = (See 7-13).

sheep = (See 11-07).

sheet =

shelf, shelves = Something that has a hard flat top surface that is above other surfaces near it. People put things on this surface when they do not want to use them for a long time.

shell =

shelter = Building or other place that covers people or animals inside. It helps prevent other things moving into this place that can hurt the people or animals inside.

shield = Something flat and tall and wide that a soldier can carry. You can carry something like this to prevent things hitting you: If something moves towards you, it can hit this flat thing and not hit you.

shine, shone =

shiny = The smooth surface of this thing causes light to move like this: When light moves down to the surface, it causes very much of this light to move up from the surface.

ship = Very big boat that people use to carry things and people. It can carry things very far and not be near dry ground for a long time.

shirt = Piece of clothing that covers your arms and your body below your head and above your legs.

shock =

shocking = Causing shock.

shoe = Something people make. You put each foot inside one of these. These things cover your feet and have a solid part below each foot. Because of this, your feet do not touch the ground or other things that can hurt them.

shoot, shot =

shop =

shopkeeper = Person who has a shop where they want people to buy things.

shore = Dry ground on one side of much water.

short =

shot =

should =

shoulder = One of two parts of the body near the head on each side where the top of an arm is connected.

shout = When you say very loud words or sounds.

show, shown =

shut =

shy =

sick =

side =

sideways =

sight =

sign =

signal =

signature = You write your name like when you write it below some other words to show you wrote these words, think they are true, or promise to do these things.

silence =

silent =

silk = There is a kind of animal that has six legs and a hard body. When it is young, its body makes something very long and very narrow, like a very narrow string. People use this to make a kind of cloth.

silly = You do something that people do not expect, like a child trying to make people laugh, or like a person who does not think much before deciding what to do.

silver = Kind of metal that can look smooth and white. People use it to make metal pieces of money and small beautiful things that people put around parts of their body. People can use this metal to make some small things that people use when eating to contain food or lift it into their mouth. You need much money to buy this kind of metal.

similar = (See 10-24).

similarity = Something you think about one thing is like something you think about the other thing.

simple =

since =

sincere =

sing, sang, sung = You make music using your mouth, like this: You say some sounds and make them more or less high and low.

single =

singular =

sink, sank, sunk =

sister = Female who has the same parents as you.

sit, sat =

situation = What happens and exists in this place at this time and what you can know about this.

six = (See 8-08).

sixth =

size = What you know about something when you know if it is big or small more than other things.

skilful, (skillful) = You can do this well because you learned this skill.

skill = Something you learned to do that many other people cannot do.

skin = The surface part of your body.

skirt = Kind of clothing women use to cover much of their legs and part of their body above their legs. This clothing does not cover the arms, it does not cover above the narrow part near the centre of the body, and it is not between the legs.

sky, skies = (See 8-28).

slave = In some places, people can buy other people and make them do work. If someone buys you, you need to do the work they tell you to do. If you do not do what they tell you to do or if you try to move far from them, they can hurt you. If they do not want you after some time, they can give you to another person, or another person can buy you from them.

sleep, slept = (See 7-06).

slide, slid =

slight = There is some, but not much. There is not more than a small amount.

slip =

slippery =

slope = One side of this surface is low, the other side of the surface is high, and at each place between these two sides, the surface is more high than all parts that are more near to the low side and less high than all parts that are more near to the high side.

slow = Not quick. Most other things move or happen more quickly than this.

small =

smell = When breathing some air into your nose, you can feel it inside your head and know something about the things that the air moved near to a short time before you breathed it.

smile = When you cause the sides of your mouth to move up towards your eyes, like people do when they are happy.

smoke =

smooth =

snake = Long narrow animal that does not have arms or legs. It can move on the surface of the ground. One end has two eyes and a big mouth. Inside the mouth there are hard narrow parts it uses to cut holes in other animals when it eats them.

snow = Far above the ground, water inside the air becomes very cold, and this causes the water to become many small solid white pieces that fall towards the ground. These small white pieces are not hard, and they do not fall quickly. These small white pieces can cover the ground.

so =

soap = Something solid or liquid that people make. People mix this and water and then rub it on surfaces to make the surfaces become clean. When people rub this, it causes many small places inside this liquid to contain small amounts of air for some time.

social =

society =

sock =

soft =

soil = Many very small pieces of the ground, containing very small pieces of stone and dead plants.

soldier = (See 9-21).

solemn = Very sad or important.

solid =

solution =

solve = Something is difficult or not good for you, and you want it to change to make it become good for you. For some time you do not know what you can do to make this change. But after thinking for some time, you decide what to try, and it causes the change you wanted that makes this good for you. Now you can tell other people what you know and what you did to make this change.

some =

somebody =

somehow =

someone = (See 2-23).

someplace = (See 1-25).

something =

sometimes = At some times, but not at all times.

somewhere =

son = Your male child.

song = Piece of music that has words. You make this music using your mouth, saying the words more or less high and low.

soon = This will happen a short time after now. There is not a long time between now and when this happens.

sore = This part of your body hurts because of something that happened to it. If something touches this part of your body, this is likely to make it hurt more.

sorrow = When you feel very sad because something bad happened and now something important that you wanted cannot happen.

sorry = (See 12-31).

sort =

soul =

sound =

soup = Liquid food that people make. People put small pieces of plants or animals into a hot liquid to make this food.

sour = (See 11-04).

south = Towards the place that is on this side of your body if you are looking at the sun a short time after the time each day when you cannot see the sun: on the same side of your body as the hand most people use when they write.

southern = In a place towards the south.

space =

spacecraft = Vehicle that can fly very far from where people live and very far above places where there is air to breathe.

spade = Something long that people make. One end is a wide flat part that a person can push into the ground to make holes and move pieces of the ground. The other end is a long narrow part that a person holds using their hands.

speak, spoke, spoken =

spear = Something people make that is long, straight, hard and narrow. One end is very narrow and can be pushed into the body of an animal to make it die. A person can cause this long thing to move quickly through the air and make the narrow end hit an animal.

special =

specialist = Someone who does something very well, because this person knows very much about something that most people do not know much about.

specific =

speech =

speed = What you can measure that says one thing moves or happens more quickly than another thing.

spell, spelt =

spend, spent =

spin, spun =

spirit =

spite = You do something that you know someone does not want you to do, but you do this because you want to cause this person to become angry.

splendid =

split =

spoil, spoilt =

spoon = Something people make and use to mix and move and eat food that contains much liquid. One end is long and narrow, and you hold this end using one hand. The other end has a shape like the bottom surface of something round, and you can use this end to contain a small amount of liquid that you put into your mouth.

sport =

spot =

spread = Before now, all parts of this were in one small place. But now, there are parts of this in more places. This can happen because this thing grows or because parts move out of this small place and into other places.

spring, sprang, sprung =

square =

stage =

stair = One of a group of several small surfaces someone makes. You can use these surfaces to move up from a low place to a high place, like this: You put one foot on top of one of these surfaces, and then you lift your other foot up to another one of these surfaces. You do this many times, and you move up, because each surface you touch is high more than the surfaces you touched before.

stamp =

stand, stood =

standard =

star =

start =

state =

statement = Something someone says.

station =

stay =

steady =

steal, stole, stolen = Someone has something that you want to have. You decide to do something bad: You move this thing to a place where you can use it, but where they cannot use it after this. They do not stop you because they do not see you move it. You do not want people to know that you did this. The government rules do not allow you to do this.

steam =

steel = Kind of hard metal that people make like this: People cause a kind of metal to become very hot and mix some coal into it, because this makes this metal become very hard. When electricity moves through a long piece of metal, it pulls this kind of metal towards it. People often use this kind of metal to make things.

steep =

stem = The long narrow part of a plant that grows above the ground. The flowers and flat green parts of the plant grow out of this long narrow part.

step =

stick, stuck =

sticky = When something on a surface can make two surfaces become connected, like this: There are kinds of liquids you can put on one surface, and when another surface touches this, the two surfaces are likely to become connected.

stiff =

still =

sting, stung = When something makes your body hurt like this: Some very small animals that have six legs will cut a small hole in the surface of your body, pushing the narrow back part of their body through the surface of your body. Some of these animals push chemicals into your body that cause it to hurt more.

stitch = When you pull part of a string through a piece of cloth in one place and then through the cloth in another place. You can do this several times through two pieces of cloth to connect them.

stomach = When you eat, the food inside your mouth moves down into this part of your body, where it is contained more than an hour before it moves down into another part of your body.

stone = (See 7-30).

stop =

store =

storm = When much water falls from the sky, much air moves quickly through this place, or electricity moves through the sky. This can damage buildings and living things in this place.

story =

straight =

strange =

stranger =

stream = Water or something similar moving from one end to the other end of a long narrow place. It moves for a long time through all parts of this long narrow place.

street = Long hard part of the ground or other hard surface that people and vehicles often use when they move from one place to another. People often make the surface more hard and easy to use. On each side there are buildings where people live or where people buy things.

strength =

stretch = You push or pull one part of something towards one side, and at the same time, you push or pull another part of it towards the other side. This causes this thing to become more wide or long.

strict =

strike, struck =

string = (See 8-07).

stroke =

strong =

structure =

struggle =

student = Someone who is trying to learn something.

study =

stupid =

style =

subject =

substance =

subtract = You know the number of things that were inside a group before, and then you move some things out of the group, and you count the number of things that you moved out. Then you do something with these numbers to know the number of things inside the group now.

succeed =

success = When you are successful.

successful =

such =

suck =

sudden =

suffer =

sugar = Sweet chemical inside plants. People put this chemical into food to make it sweet.

suggest =

suit =

suitable =

sum =

summer = Three months that are the hot part of a year.

sun = (See 8-26).

supper = The food you eat each day when you eat more than a small amount of food a short time before you sleep for a long time.

supply =

support =

suppose =

sure = When you think about this, you feel very much that you know this is true.

surface = (See 3-23).

surprise = You feel like this: In a moment, you know something happened that you did not expect to happen. You want to know more about what happened.

surprising = Things that surprise someone.

surround = When something is around this thing on all sides.

swallow = When something is inside your mouth and you cause it to move down into another part of your body.

swear, swore, sworn =

sweep, swept = When something moves like this: You hold something and make it move quickly towards one side of a surface. Some parts of it touch the surface and push small things on the surface towards this side. Because it moves quickly, it can make air move towards this side. You make it move one or more times towards this side of the surface from other parts of the surface. This can move all the small things from this surface and cause them not to be on this surface.

sweet =

swell, swollen = When something becomes more wide or more big.

swim, swam, swum = Move your arms or legs or other parts of your body to cause you to move through water.

swing, swung = Something that moves or sounds like this: One end of a string is connected to something high that does not move, and the other end is connected to something heavy. This heavy thing touches the string and the air, but does not touch other things because the string holds it above the ground. You push the heavy thing towards one side and then stop pushing. The heavy thing moves towards the one side, and then it moves towards the other side. It does this many times.

sword = Long narrow metal thing that soldiers used a long time before now. A soldier uses one hand to hold one end of this thing. The other end and sides can be used to cut people and cause them to die.

sympathetic = Feeling sympathy.

sympathy = Some things that happen are bad for these people. You try to think about what they are feeling because of this. Much of what they are feeling is the same as what you think they are feeling. Because of this, you and they feel and want many similar things.

system =