Learn These Words First (C)

cage = Container that people put a living animal inside. People make this container using many long hard narrow things. You can look between these narrow things to see the animal inside, but the animal cannot move out of the container.

cake =

calculate = Doing something with two or more numbers causes you to know something you did not know before.

calculator = Machine that can calculate.

call =

calm =

camera = Machine you can use to make a picture of something you can see, using the light that moves into the machine from the thing you can see.

camp =

can, could =

candle = Something people make using a piece of string inside something like solid fat. People make this because you can burn the string and cause there to be light in a place for some time.

cannot = (See 2-10).

cap =

capital =

captain = Someone who tells people what to do, and expects them to do it. Like a person who leads a group of soldiers.

car = (See 12-26).

card =

cardboard = Paper that is more hard and less thin than most paper. People use it to make containers and other things.

care =

careful, carefully = (See 10-18).

careless = Not careful.

carriage = Vehicle that has wheels and can carry people and things.

carry = (See 7-05).

cart = Vehicle that has wheels and can carry things. A person or animal pushes or pulls this vehicle to cause it to move.

case =

castle = Big buildings some people made a long time before now. These buildings could prevent soldiers moving into the building and hurting people inside.

cat = (See 11-03).

catch, caught =

cattle = Kind of animal that is big more than a big person. These animals have four legs and hair, and they do not eat other animals. People have many of these animals in places because people eat these animals and drink the milk made inside their bodies.

cause = (See 3-11).

ceiling = When you are inside part of a building, this is the part of the building that you can see above you.

celebrate = When something good happens, you do something to show you are happy, because when you do this you can think about this good thing.

cell =

cement = People mix water and clay and a kind of burnt white stone. People can put this in a place and change its shape for a short time, but then it becomes hard like stone. People use this to connect stones and others things when people make a building.

cent = One of one hundred parts of the money amount that people count and use inside some countries.

centimetre, (centimeter) = One hundred of this length is the same as one metre.

central =

centre, (center) =

century = This long time is a group of one hundred years.

ceremony = When something important happens, people do and say things that they do not do at other times, because they want the people who see and hear this to think about the important thing that happens.

certain =

chain = Something that is long and narrow and has many small parts. Each part is the same as all the other parts. People often use metal to make these parts and make each to have a shape like a circle. Each part is connected to two other parts: one on one side and one on the other side.

chair =

chairperson = When many people in a place want to say things and hear what the other people say, this person leads this group and decides who can say things at what time.

chalk = Kind of white stone that people can use to draw.

chance =

change = (See 3-22).

character =

charge =

charm =

chase = This thing is moving and for some time you move and try to be near it. Each time it moves, you quickly try to move to the same place.

cheap = You do not need much money to buy this or to make this happen.

cheat = You cause someone to think something that is not true, and because of this, you can do something good for you and bad for this person.

check =

cheek = One of two parts of the front surface of your head. Each is below one of your eyes and above one side of your mouth.

cheer = You say something loud because you feel something good.

cheerful = You feel happy, and because of this you are doing things that can cause other people to feel happy.

cheese = People do something to milk to make this solid food.

chemical = (See 9-25).

chemistry = What people know about the things that happen when atoms connect and the kinds of chemicals this makes.

cheque, (check) = This is a piece of paper that you can use to give someone some money you have. You write your name and the amount of money you are giving, and then you give this paper to this person.

chest =

chicken = Kind of bird many people have because people eat these birds and the eggs these birds make.

chief =

child, children = (See 5-09).

childhood = Time when someone is a young child.

chimney = This tube is part of a building. When people burn something inside the building, the hot gases can move up through this tube and out of the building.

chin = The front part of your head below your mouth.

chocolate = Something sweet and brown that people eat. People use parts of one kind of tree seed to make this. People eat this at times when people want to eat something sweet.

choice = One of two or more things you can choose.

choose, chose, chosen = (See 3-24).

church = Building where many people say things about one god and say things to this one god. They say they love this god because this god is very good. They say there are not other gods.

cigarette = Some people put dry parts of a kind of plant inside a paper tube. Then they burn one end of this and breathe the gases into their body.

cinema = Building where people use a kind of machine to show pictures. The machine shows many pictures, each for a very short time. When you see this, it looks like things inside the picture are moving.

circle = (See 7-28).

circular = This has the same shape as a circle.

citizen = One of many people who can live inside a country or part of a country. These people can choose who is part of the government.

city = Big place where there are very many buildings where people live and where people buy things.

civilization = At a time when people in this place have a government and can use machines. Because of this, many things happen that are good for the people in this place.

claim =

class =

clay = (See 10-11).

clean = (See 11-06).

clear =

clerk = Someone who does this kind of work: someone who helps people who want to buy something, or someone who writes the things that a business or government does.

clever =

cliff = Place where you are touching the ground below you, but very near to one side, the ground is very far below you.

climb =

clock = Machine that shows the time and counts the parts of each hour.

clockwork = Small machine parts that are like the parts that move inside a clock.

close =

cloth = (See 9-06).

clothes = Pieces of clothing.

clothing = (See 9-05).

cloud = Something far above the ground that can be big and white. This contains many very small pieces of water. The water can fall from this and move down through the air to the ground.

club =

coal =

coast = On the sides of a place where there is very much water, this is where the surface of the ground touches the water.

coat =

coffee = Kind of seed that people use to make a hot brown liquid that many people drink. People make these seeds become hot for some time to make them dry. Then, when hot water touches pieces of these seeds, the hot water becomes the brown liquid people drink.

coin = Piece of money that is metal.

cold =

collar = Part of your clothing or another thing that is around this part of your body: the narrow part of your body that is connected below your head and connects to the big part of your body.

collect =

college = School where adult people learn.

colour, (color) = (See 4-04).

comb = People move their hair and make it straight using something that has many small parts that hair can move between.

combination =

combine = Cause two or more different things to become the parts of one thing.

come, came =

comfort =

comfortable = When you do not feel much that hurts you or feels bad for you, and you know you can have food and a place to live.

command =

committee = Group of people chosen to do something or decide something.

common =

communicate = When I say something to you and because of this you know or think about something I want you to think about.

communication = When people communicate.

companion = Two things that are in the same place at many times or for a long time.

company =

compare = (See 6-28).

comparison = When you compare two or more things.

compete = When you try to do something before or more than another person.

competition = Time when two or more people compete.

competitor = Someone who tries to do something before or more than another person.

complain =

complaint = What someone says when they complain.

complete =

completely =

complicated = Something that has many parts that do many different things. You cannot know what all these parts do if you do not think about this for a long time.

compound =

computer = This is a machine that uses electricity. You can write many rules that say what you want this machine to do when something is true or not true. This machine uses these rules and does what these rules say.

concern =

concerning = Saying something about.

concert = When some people make music in a place, and many other people who want to hear this music can be in this place to hear it.

condition =

confidence = When you feel confident.

confident =

confuse =

confusing = These things confuse someone.

connect =

connection =

conscience = Something you feel that causes you to know if something you want to do is good or is bad.

conscious = You see, hear, feel and think about what is happening near you now.

consider = You think about something carefully before you choose.

consist, consist of = These are the parts of this thing.

consonant = Several kinds of sounds you make when you say parts of some words. When you make these sounds, the shape of your mouth stops some of the air moving through your mouth.

contain = (See 3-19).

container = (See 3-20).

contents = What something contains.

continue = You do not stop doing this.

continuous = This does not stop all this time.

contract = Something two or more people write that says what these people promise to do.

control = (See 3-31).

convenient = Something that is near here and easy to do for a short time.

conversation = For some time you hear and think about what some other people say and these people hear and think about what you say.

cook = Make food become hot because you want to eat it.

cool =

copper = Kind of metal that has a colour like red and brown. People use it to make things they want electricity to move through.

copy = When you see one thing and you make another thing that looks very much like it.

cord =

corn =

corner =

correct =

cost =

cotton = Kind of plant that has something like white hairs near its seeds. People twist these white hairs to make narrow string, and they use this to make cloth.

cough = When you move much air from inside your body out through your mouth in a moment and this makes a loud sound. A disease can cause people to do this.

could =

council = The small group of people who are chosen to decide things and make rules inside a government or other group.

count = (See 5-30).

country =

countryside = Places where there are many plants far from places where there are many buildings.

courage = You do something good that many people fear doing. Doing this can be difficult and can hurt you. You fear doing this, but you do it because you think it is good to do, and you think someone needs to do it.

course =

court =

cover =

cow = One of several kinds of big female adult animals that do not eat other animals and that make milk inside their bodies.

coward = You know you can do something good, and you know that people think someone who does not do this is bad, but you fear doing this, and because of your fear, you do not do it.

cowardly = Doing things like a coward.

crack = Something happens to a solid thing. Because of this, there is now a long narrow place where one part is near to another part, but not connected. Before this happened, these two parts of this solid thing were connected. This can be caused when something hard hits a solid thing.

crash = When something moves and hits another thing and this causes a loud sound.

crazy = Someone who thinks things are true that most other people know are not true. Because of this, the person decides to do things and make things happen that are bad for this person and bad for other people. Maybe this causes the person to become angry and hurt other people.

cream =

creature = Living thing that can feel and can move when it wants.

creep, crept = You move from one place to another for some time and you do not move quickly because you do not want someone to see you or hear you or think about you.

cricket =

crime = When someone does something bad that the government rules do not allow.

criminal = Someone who does something bad that the government rules do not allow.

criticism = What you say when you criticize someone.

criticize = You say you think this thing that someone does is bad.

crop = Plants that you cause to grow in a place for some time. When these plants become big, you can eat them or someone can buy them.

cross =

crowd = When there are many people in a small place.

cruel = You enjoy doing bad things to hurt other people or animals, because you want to make them feel bad.

cruelty = When someone does something cruel.

crush = When you press something very much and cause it not to have the same shape after this.

cry, cries, cried =

cultivate = You do things to some plants, and you do things to the ground where these plants are growing, because you want these plants to be healthy and grow big.

cup = Small things people make to contain hot liquids that people drink. One person can use one hand to move one of these near to their mouth and can drink all the liquid that one of these contains.

cupboard = Something people make to contain small things that belong to someone at times when someone is not using them. People put this thing in one place and expect it to be in this place for a long time. This thing can have parts you move to cover its front, and then you cannot see the things you put inside.

cure = Cause someone to become healthy, after they were not healthy for some time.

curl =

current =

curse =

curtain =

curve =

custom = People who live in one place often do these things, but people who live in other places do not do these things.

customer = People who buy things from you.

cut =

cycle =