Learn These Words First (G-H)

gain =

game =

garage =

garden = Place where people cause plants to grow near buildings where people live.

garment = One piece of clothing.

gas =

gate = People need to move through this narrow place to move from one place to another. You can put something solid inside this narrow place to prevent people moving through it.

gather =

general, generally =

generous = Someone who gives much to help other people.

gentle = Careful not to hurt someone or damage something.

gentleman, gentlemen = Man who does things that are good for other people, says things that are true, and tries not to do things that are bad.

get, got, gotten =

gift = Something someone gives you because they want you to have it. They do not expect you to do something they want because of this.

girl = Young female person.

give, gave, given =

glad = You feel happy thinking about something.

glass = This is something solid you can see through, because light moves through it. To make this, people cause many very small stone pieces to become hot and liquid, and this becomes solid when it is less hot. People use this to make flat things that are parts of buildings, containers that can contain liquids, and things people look through to help them see.

glory =

glue = Something people use to connect things, like this: People put this kind of liquid between two things, and when it becomes dry, it becomes solid and connects these two things.

go, goes, going, went, gone =

goat = Kind of animal that is like a sheep, but eats many kinds of plants. This kind of animal has two long hard narrow things on top of its head and long hair below its mouth. These animals can easily move up on top of big stones.

god = (See 11-09).

gold = Yellow metal that people use to make metal pieces of money and small beautiful things that people put around parts of their body. You need much money to buy this kind of metal.

golden = Something that contains or looks like gold.

good =

goodbye = Something you say to someone when you will not be in the same place after this time and you will not be able to say things to this person for some time after this.

goods = Things that someone can buy and move to another place.

govern = What a government does when it controls a country.

government = (See 8-18).

grace = What someone does is graceful.

graceful =

gradual = For a long time this thing changes many times. After all these changes, this thing is not the same as before. Each small change makes it become more like it will be after all the changes and less like it was before all the changes.

grain =

gram = One thousand of this weight is the same as one kilogram.

grammar = The rules that say what kinds of words and word parts and word groups you need to use when you make sentences.

grand =

grandfather = The male parent of one of your parents.

grandmother = The female parent of one of your parents.

grandparent = One of the parents of your parents.

grass = Thin narrow green plants that grow from the ground. There are many animals that eat these plants. Many of these animals have four legs and do not eat other animals. These plants are not good for people to eat.

grateful = Someone chose to do something good for you. Because of this, you feel good when you think about this person and what they did. You want this person to know you feel like this.

grave = Place where someone put a dead body into a hole in the ground and covered it using pieces of the ground.

great =

green = (See 7-02).

greet = You did not see someone or say something to them for a long time, but now you say something to them to tell them you are happy you can see them or say something to them now.

greeting = What you say or do when you greet someone.

grey, (gray) = The colour of this thing is like the colour you see when you mix the colours black and white.

grief = You feel very sad, like you feel when someone you love dies.

grieve = You feel grief for some time.

ground =

group = (See 5-08).

grow, grew, grown =

growth = When something grows.

guard = You have some things in a place, and you do not want people to damage or move these things. Because of this, you look at these things and this place for a long time, because you want to stop people who try to touch or damage or move these things.

guess = You try to say something that is true, but you do not know. You think maybe it is true or likely, but maybe it is not true.

guest = At most times, you do things like eat and sleep in a place that belongs to you, but now for a short time you do these things in a place that belongs to some other person. This other person says you can do this.

guidance = When you guide someone or something.

guide =

guilt = Being or feeling guilty.

guilty =

gun = People make this thing that has a long metal tube, and a person can use it to do this: This thing causes a small round piece of metal to move quickly through the tube and then through the air to hit something.

habit =

habitual = Doing something that is a habit.

hair = (See 8-05).

hairy = Having much hair.

half, halves = This is one of the two parts of this one thing, and each of these parts is the same as the other.

hall =

hammer = This is something people make. One end of this thing is big and heavy more than the other end. Using one hand to hold the less heavy end, you can move this thing and cause the heavy end to hit something.

hand = (See 7-08).

handkerchief = Small piece of cloth or paper that people use to dry their nose or eyes.

handle =

hang, hung, hanged = Something holds the top part of this thing above the ground. The bottom part of this thing does not touch the ground. The bottom part can move towards the sides, but not far, because the top part is held in one place and it cannot move down towards the ground.

happen = (See 2-05).

happy = (See 10-13).

hard =

harden = Become hard.

hardly = Some, but not much. Very much less than much.

hardship = Some bad things happen to you, and because of this, many of the things you need to do become difficult for some time.

harm =

harmful = Causing or likely to cause harm.

harmless = Not able or not likely to hurt someone or cause damage.

hasty = You do something very quickly, because you want to do another thing after this.

hat = Kind of clothing you use to cover the top part of your head.

hate =

hatred = What you feel when you hate someone or something.

have, has, had =

he = (See 7-12).

health =

healthy = (See 8-24).

hear, heard = (See 1-28).

heart =

heat =

heaven = Many people think a place like this exists: God is in this place. Some part of a person can live in this place after their body dies.

heavy =

heel = The back part of your foot.

height =

hello = (See 12-28).

help = (See 8-22).

helpful = Someone or something that helps you.

hen = Adult female bird.

her = (See 7-13).

here =

hers = This thing belongs to her.

herself = This same female person or animal: the same one who does this and not others.

hide, hid, hidden =

high =

hill = On top of this place, the ground surface is above the ground surface on each side of this place.

him = (See 7-12).

himself = This same male person or animal: the same one who does this and not others.

hire =

his = (See 7-12).

historical = Things that happened or existed a long time before now.

history =

hit = (See 6-24).

hold, held =

hole = (See 5-03).

holiday =

hollow =

holy = Something very good that belongs to a god and that this god uses.

home =

honest = You do not try to cause someone to think something is true if you know it is not true.

honesty = When someone is honest.

honour, (honor) =

honourable, (honorable) = People think the things you choose to do are good.

hook = Narrow thing used to hold or pull something. To make this thing, people can change the shape of a narrow piece of metal and make it like the bottom part of a circle. You can push one high end of this narrow thing into the top part of something solid. Then, when you lift the other end of this narrow thing, it holds and lifts the top part of this solid thing.

hope = You want something to happen, and you think it can happen, and because of this, you feel good thinking maybe it will happen.

hopeful = Feeling or causing someone to feel hope.

hopeless = You want something to happen, but you do not think it will happen, because you do not think it can happen.

horizon = Place you can see very far from you where it looks like the sky is touching the ground or water.

horn =

horse = Kind of big animal that has four legs and four hard feet. This animal does not eat other animals. Long hair grows from the top of its head and from the back part of its body where its back legs are connected. People use these animals to pull or carry big things. People can sit on top of these animals when they move.

hospital = Building where people help other people who have a disease or damaged body to make them become more healthy. Some of these people who have a disease or damaged body can be here more than one day.

host =

hot =

hotel = Business that has a building where people can sleep. People give the business money to sleep inside this building one or more days.

hour = (See 10-10).

hourly = Happening each hour.

house =

how =

human = Person.

humorous = Something that makes you laugh.

humour, (humor) =

hundred = (See 8-30).

hundredth =

hunger = Feeling hungry.

hungry = What you feel when you want to eat food.

hunt =

hurry =

hurt = (See 7-17).

husband = The man that a woman is married to.

hut = Small building that is easy to make.