Learn These Words First (T)

table =

tail =

take, took, taken =

talk =

tall = (See 10-21).

taste =

tax =

taxi = When you want to move from one place to another place that is not far, this business will use a small vehicle to carry you. You give money to this business, and they will control their vehicle to carry you where you want to be. This vehicle cannot carry many people at the same time, but at many different times, this business uses the same vehicle to move different people to different places.

tea = This kind of plant has flat green parts that very many people use to make something they drink. You put these plant parts into a container, and you put very hot liquid water into the same container. This makes the water taste different, and people enjoy drinking it. Some people use other plant parts to make this.

teach, taught = Cause someone to learn something.

team = Group of several people or animals that tries to do something, each trying to do part of the work.

tear, tore, torn =

technical =

telephone = Kind of machine that people make. You use one of these machines in one place, and another person uses one of these machines in another place far from you. When you say something into this machine, it causes electricity to move to the other machine, and this causes the other person to hear what you said. You can use this to say things to the other person, and they can use it to say things to you.

television = This machine uses electricity to show pictures and make sounds, and another machine far from here uses electricity to control these pictures and sounds, and because of this, you can use this machine to see and hear the same things as someone can see and hear in another place far from here.

tell, told =

temper = What you are likely to do when you are angry. Some people become angry quickly and are likely to do and say things that hurt people and damage things. When other people become angry, they are likely to control what they do and not hurt people or things.

temperature =

temple =

temporary = Something that happens, is true or is used for a short time, but not more than a short time.

ten = (See 8-12).

tend =

tendency = This is likely to happen.

tender =

tennis = Game that two or four people play. Not far above the ground, there is something long made using string. One or two people are on each side of this string. Each person holds something and uses it to try to hit a small round thing to make it move above this string to the other side.

tense = When a word says something happens and it tells you when it happens: now, before now or after now.

tent = Something made using cloth that one or more people can be inside. People use string and long hard narrow things to hold the cloth above the people inside. People sleep inside these things when they are in places far from buildings.

terrible =

terror = You feel very much fear, like when something very bad is happening and you think it is likely to cause you to die.

test =

than =

thank = (See 12-30).

that =

the =

theatre, (theater) = Building or place where many people can sit to see and hear something they enjoy, like this: A group of people plays music or tells a story where each person says and does things that sound and look like other people that are part of the story.

their = (See 3-05).

theirs = This thing belongs to them.

them = (See 3-04).

themselves =

then =

there =

therefore =

these =

they = (See 3-04).

thick =

thief, thieves = You want to have something another person has, and you decide to do something bad: You move this thing to a place where you can use it, but where they cannot use it after this. They do not stop you because they do not see you move it, or because they think you will hurt them. The government rules do not allow you to do this.

thin =

thing = (See 1-02).

think, thought = (See 2-07).

third =

thirst = When you feel thirsty.

thirsty = Feeling you want or need to drink.

this =

thorough = When you do something, you are careful to think about and do all parts of this.

those =

though =

thousand = (See 10-01).

thousandth =

thread = Narrow string.

threat =

threaten =

threatening =

three = (See 5-05).

throat = The part of your body that food moves through when it moves from your mouth and down into another part of your body. When you breathe, air moves through this same part.

through =

throw, threw, thrown =

thumb = Each hand has five long narrow parts. This one part is less long and less narrow than the other four. People often move this one to make it touch the other four.

thunder = Very loud sound you hear a short time after you see light from electricity moving through the sky. This can sound like something exploding.

thus =

ticket =

tidy = You put things in the places where you carefully decided to put them, and you make things look clean.

tie, tying =

tiger = Kind of cat that is big more than a person. There are many long narrow places on the surface of its body where its hair is black. Between these black places on the surface of its body, its hair is like the colour you see when you mix yellow and brown.

tight =

time = (See 2-14).

timetable = Something someone writes to tell people several things that are planned and the different times when each of these things will happen.

tin = Kind of white metal. People use this metal to cover containers made using a different kind of metal, like this: People make this white metal very hot to cause it to become a liquid, and then they put a metal container into this liquid for a short time. This puts a thin amount of this white metal on the surface of the container. People use these containers to contain food.

tire =

tired =

tiring = Making you feel tired.

title =

to =

tobacco = Kind of plant that has big flat green parts that people dry and use like this: Some people make things using these parts and burn them near their mouth because they want to breathe the gas this makes. Some people do this several times each day.

today =

toe = One of the five narrow parts of your foot that you can move.

together =

toilet = (See 12-10).

tomorrow = Not the day happening now, but the day that happens after this and before all other days.

tongue = The long part inside your mouth that moves when you say something and that you use to taste food inside your mouth.

tonight = The time happening now or a short time after now when there is not much light in a place and people cannot see the sun and most people in this place are sleeping.

too =

tool =

tooth, teeth = One of several parts of your body inside your mouth that are hard and white like bones and that you use to press and cut food when you eat.

top =

total =

touch =

tour = For some time, you move to several different places where you want to see or do things.

tourist = Because you want to see things in other places, you move for a short time to one or more places that are not near where you live at most times. You do this to enjoy seeing and doing things in these places.

towards =

tower = Building or part of a building that is very tall. This is tall more than other things near it.

town = Place where there are many buildings where people live and where people buy things.

toy = Something that children use when they play.

track =

trade =

traditional = For a long time, a group of people does these things and thinks they are important. The group helps their children learn to do these same things and to think these same things are important.

traffic =

train =

training =

translate = You are part of a group of people who uses some words and rules to make sentences. Another group of people uses different words and rules to make sentences. Someone from this other group says something using their words and rules. You say something that means the same thing, but you use the words and rules your group uses. You can do this because you know the words and rules that the other group uses.

transparent = When you are on one side of this solid or liquid thing, you can see things that are on the other side, because light can move through this solid or liquid thing.

trap =

travel =

treat =

treatment = What you do when you treat someone or something.

tree = (See 7-04).

tremble = When something moves like this: It quickly moves up and then down, or it quickly moves towards one side and then towards the other. It moves like this many times, but it does not move far. Fear or cold can make parts of your body move like this.

tribe = Group containing many people. This group exists for a long time. Most of these people and their parents are part of the same big family, and someone from this family leads the group. These people use the same words and live near the same place. These people do and expect many similar things.

trick =

trip =

tropical = Hot places where plants and animals live. At some time each year, each of these places is more near to the sun than all other places where plants and animals live. This makes these places hot.

trouble =

trousers = Kind of clothing that covers your legs and part of your body above your legs. There are two parts that are like cloth tubes. You put one leg through one of these tubes and the other leg through the other tube. The top parts of these tubes connect between your legs and connect to more cloth around part of your body above your legs.

true =

trunk =

trust =

truth =

try, tries, tried =

tube =

tune =

turn =

twice =

twist =

two = (See 1-07).

type =

typical =

tyre, (tire) = Something people make using a liquid from inside a kind of tree. People make this liquid hot, causing it to become solid, but not hard. People use this to cover the parts of wheels that touch the ground when a vehicle moves.