Learn These Words First (L-M)

labour, (labor) =

lack =

ladder = Something tall and narrow that people make. It has several small parts that you can put a foot on top of or hold using your hands. People use it like this: You put a foot on top of one of the small parts, holding another part using a hand, and you push your body up, and then you move your other foot up to another small part. You do this several times to move from the bottom of this thing to the top.

lady = Adult female person.

lake = Big place where there is much water covering the ground. Around this place on all sides, water does not cover the ground.

lamb = Young sheep.

lamp = Something people make that causes there to be light in a place. People use this thing when they want to have light in a place where there is not much light.

land =

language = The words and rules that a group of people use to make sentences when they say things.

large =

last = The one after all others.

late =

lately = A short time before now.

laugh = (See 10-06).

laughter =

law = (See 12-03).

lawyer = Someone who knows much about the government rules. You give money to this person to do this kind of work: This person tells you what the government rules say. This person tries to make the government decide that you did not do things the government rules do not allow.

lay, laid =

layer = Something thin and flat that covers another thing, touching all parts of its top surface. There can be many thin flat things like this, each above another one and touching its top surface.

lazy = You are able to work and do difficult things, but for a long time you do not want to work, you do not move very much, and you do not try to do things if they are not very easy.

lead, led =

leaf, leaves = One of many thin flat green parts of a plant.

lean =

learn, learnt = (See 8-31).

least =

leather = After an animal dies, people can use the surface part of the animal body to make things. People make the body surface not connect to the hair or other parts of the animal body. People use chemicals that cause this body surface not to change.

leave, left =

left = (See 12-21).

leg =

lend, lent = Something belongs to you, but for a short time you allow another person to move it and use it. This other person promises they will stop using it and give it to you after this time.

length =

less =

lesson =

let =

let go of = You were holding something, and then you stopped holding it.

letter =

level =

library = Place inside a building where there are many books that you can use but cannot buy.

lid =

lie, lying, lied, lay, lain =

lie down, lying down, lay down, lain down = Put your body on a flat surface, like this: All parts of your body are near to the surface, and your head is not above your feet.

life, lives =

lift =

light, lit =

lightning = When much electricity moves through the sky and causes there to be much light in this moment.

like =

likely = (See 7-24).

limb =

limit =

line =

lion = Kind of very big cat that has yellow brown hair. These cats can grow big more than people. These cats eat big animals. The male adults have much long brown hair that grows around the back and sides of their heads.

lip = These two parts are around the front of your mouth where the surface is more red: One is above your mouth, and one is below your mouth.

liquid = (See 5-04).

list = Group of names or numbers or things that you want to think about after some time. You can write one or more words to help you think about each of these things.

listen = Think about what you hear.

literature = Stories and other written things that people think are important and that they think many people will want to read.

litre, (liter) = The amount of water that has the same weight as one kilogram.

little =

live =

load =

loaf, loaves = People make bread this shape. This amount of bread is more than one person eats at one time, but you can cut it to make pieces and several people can eat this bread.

local = Near this place.

lock =

lodging, lodgings = Someone allows you to sleep inside a building because you give them money.

log =

lonely = You are sad because you are not near to the people you want to be near.

long =

look = (See 4-12).

look after = For some time you look at some people or things, because you want to prevent bad things that can happen to them.

look for = Try to find something.

look up = Read something and try to find a name or number or some other thing you want to know.

loose =

lord =

lose, lost =

loss = When you lose something.

lot =

loud = (See 6-18).

love = (See 10-20).

low =

lower =

loyal = You do what you promise. After you decide to do things that are good for someone, you do these things for a long time. You do these things at times when you want to do them, and you do these things at times when you do not feel like you want to do them.

loyalty = When someone is loyal.

luck =

lucky = When something happens that you cannot control, and it is good for you.

lump =

lung = One of two body parts that people and some animals use to breathe. They become more big when you breathe air into your body, and they become less big when you breathe air out of your body.

machine = (See 3-27).

machinery =

mad =

magazine =

magic = Someone is causing something to happen, and you do not know what they are doing to cause this, but it looks like they are controlling something that you cannot see and causing something to happen that people cannot cause.

magician = Someone who does magic.

mail =

main = This thing is the one that is big or important or can do more than all the others.

make, made = (See 3-18).

make into, made into = Use these things to make something. These things become the parts of the thing you make.

make up, made up =

male = (See 5-11).

man, men =

manage =

manager = You manage part or all of a business.

manner =

many =

map = This is something someone draws that shows where things are in a big place. It looks like what someone sees if they are far above this place. It has the names of places and other things in this big place. It shows what places are near to other places and where you need to move if you want to move from one place to another.

march = You use your feet to move like a group of soldiers: The soldiers all lift one foot and move it towards the front at the same time. Then, after it touches the ground, they all lift and move the other foot at the same time. The soldiers do this many times, and the time between moving each foot is the same each time.

mark = (See 4-13).

market = Place where people often have things that other people can buy.

marriage =

married = (See 7-22).

marry = (See 7-22).

mass =

master =

mat = Small piece of something flat and thin that people use to cover part of a flat surface. People do this because they want other things to touch this thin thing, and not touch the surface below it. This can prevent things damaging the surface below or making it become less clean.

match =

material = Cloth or other things that people use and cause to become parts of something that they make.

mathematics = What people learn and know about what you can do with numbers to cause you to know something more you did not know before.

matter =

may =

maybe = (See 2-29).

me = (See 2-19).

meal =

mean, meant =

meaning =

means =

measure =

measurement =

meat = The parts of an animal that someone can eat.

medical = What people can do because of what they know about medicine.

medicine =

meet, met =

meeting = When people meet to hear what people want to say.

melt = When something solid becomes liquid.

member =

memory = You know now and can think now about the things you saw and heard and thought about a long time before now.

mend = After something becomes damaged, you change the damaged parts and cause this thing to be something good you can use, like it was before it became damaged.

mental =

mention = You say something about this thing for a short time, and you do not say many words about it.

merry = You do things that show people you are happy and you want to do things you enjoy that make other people feel happy.

message = Something you say or write because you want some other person to hear it or read it and think about it.

messenger = You give this person a message and this person gives it to the person that you want to hear it or read it.

metal = (See 8-03).

method = The things you can plan to do to cause something that you want to happen.

metre, (meter) =

metric =

microscope = This is something people make. This thing can make very small things look more big. Because of this, people can use it to see very small things that they cannot see when they are not using this thing.

middle =

might =

mile = Inside some countries, people measure things using this length: Two thousand metres is more than one of this length and less than two of this length.

military = Groups of soldiers and what these soldiers do.

milk = (See 5-16).

million = You can think about the number of things here like this: There are one thousand groups of things here, and each group contains one thousand things.

millionth =

mind =

mine =

mineral = Solid chemical that is not part of a living thing. Below the surface of the ground, you can find these kinds of chemicals that people do not make.

minister =

minute = This short time is a small part of an hour: Six groups each containing ten of this time is the same as one hour.

mirror = This is something people make. It has a flat surface that is very smooth. People use it like this: You can use it to see your head, because when light moves to this surface from your head, the surface causes this light to move towards you and into your eyes.

miss =

mist = At some times, there is some water inside the air above the ground. This air contains many very small pieces of water, but the water does not fall because each piece is very small and is not touching other pieces. You can look through some of this, but you cannot see far.

mistake =

mix = (See 8-14).

mixture = Two or more things when they are mixed.

model =

modern = The kinds of things people do or use now that people did not do or use many years before now.

moment = (See 2-26).

money = (See 8-20).

monkey = Several kinds of animals that have brown hair. They have two arms and two legs. They have a long narrow part connected behind their back where their legs are connected. They move up into trees using their hands to pull. When you see them, you can think they look and do things like small people.

month = (See 9-08).

monthly = Happening each month.

moon = At times when you cannot see the sun and many people in this place are sleeping, you can look at the sky and see something far above you that looks like a big circle. Part of each month, people can see light from all parts of this big circle. Seven days before this and seven days after this, people can see light from some parts of this circle, but not from most parts of this big circle.

moral = You choose not to do what is bad.

morals = What people learn that helps them know what is good or bad to do. This helps them choose what is good and not do what is bad.

more =

morning = The part of each day when most people in this place stop sleeping. It happens between these two times: the time a short time before you can see the sun and the time several hours after you can see the sun.

most =

mother = Female parent.

motor = The part of a machine that causes the other parts to move.

mountain = Very big place where there is very much stone. This very big amount of stone is very tall. The top of all this stone is very far above all the other ground near this place.

mouse, mice = Kind of small animal. You can hold two or three of them using one hand. This animal has four legs that are not long. Hair grows from most parts of the body of this animal. It has a long narrow part that is connected behind its back where its back legs are connected, and this part does not have hair. Some of these animals live inside buildings where people have food, because these animals want to eat this food. But people do not want them here, and because of this, people put cats inside buildings to find and eat these small animals.

mouth =

move =

movement =

much =

mud = These two things when they are mixed: water and very small pieces of the ground.

multiply =

murder = You cause a person to die. You were trying to make this person die, and the government rules do not allow you to do this.

muscle = Parts of your body that can change shape and cause your body to move, like this: These parts can become less long, and this pulls other parts of your body and causes them to move.

music = (See 7-16).

musician = Person who makes music.

must =

my = (See 3-07).

myself = Me and not others.

mysterious = When something that happens is a mystery and you do not know much about it.

mystery = Something happens, but people cannot tell you what caused it to happen. There are things you do not know about what happened or what caused it to happen.